Diversity Task Force

The Suffolk University Diversity Task Force reflects Suffolk's enduring commitment to expanding educational opportunity.

We are all familiar with how Gleason Archer founded this institution to "pay forward" the support from his mentor. Suffolk University has a proud history of graduating African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and women in its earliest classes. Our mission impels us to continuously make our school more inclusive and more equitable.

With Suffolk's mission in mind, the task force strives to better understand how diverse, inclusive, and equitable this community currently is and to create a strategic diversity plan that will guide us in the future two years (AY 2017-2019). That plan will suggest how we can:

  • Implement a diversity structural framework
  • Create more diverse hiring pools
  • Train faculty, staff, and students to work in diverse environments
  • Involve all of Suffolk's alumni, faculty, staff, and students in making this a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community

Chair: Micky Lee

  • Jennifer Bonardi, Director of Events, CAS Dean's Office
  • Linda Brown, Program Director, Foundation Studies Program
  • Robert Cirame, Director of Food Services
  • Aileen Depot, Registrar
  • Michael Dello Iacono, Records Manager, Moakley Archive & Institute
  • Melanie Jenkins, Associate Provost, Institutional Research & Assessment
  • Rachael Kipp, Associate Professor and Chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Micky Lee, Associate Professor, Communication & Journalism
  • Sheikh (Nash) Nasher, Student, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Regina O'Neill, Professor of Management
  • Abráham Peña-Talamantes, Associate Director, McNair Scholars Program, and Lecturer in Sociology and Education Studies
  • Lizette Rivera, Director of Diversity Services
  • Michele J. Rosenthal, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Sawyer Business School
  • Joyya Smith, Director of Office of Access and Opportunity
  • Levi Smith, Student, Sawyer Business School
  • Phyliss St-Hubert, Student, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dominic Thomas, Associate Professor, Information Systems & Operations Management
  • Maria Toyoda, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Lisa Vigliotta, Human Resources Partner
  • Katherine Whidden, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Felicia Wiltz, Associate Professor, Sociology

Feel free to contact the Diversity Task Force or any member of the task force with questions or comments.

We aim to make Suffolk an even better institution, serve as an example for the Boston community, and most importantly, to provide our students with skills that will offer them advantages in a diverse world.