McNair-Ballotti Undergraduate Research Symposium (MBURS)

Welcome to the online home of the McNair-Ballotti Undergraduate Research Symposium (MBURS). The Symposium is designed to showcase the scholarship of Suffolk University undergraduates participating in the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program housed within the Center for Academic Access & Opportunity and recipients of the Geno A. Ballotti Scholarship in the Center for Learning & Academic Success.

This year’s McNair-Ballotti Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held Friday April 8, 2022 in the Poetry Center on the second floor of the Sawyer Library.

Schedule of Events

Breakfast 8:30 a.m.  
Session 1 9 a.m. Jamie Bondar, Jarvis Chen, Breno Silva, Nicole Kingdon, Arbisa Trebicka, Thomas Nguyen, Daniela Solis
Session 2 10:30 a.m. Jennifer Alvarez Mendoza, Nina Insixiengmay, Lindsay Dieudonne, Diana Pena, Alexandra Leeming
Lunch 12 p.m.  
Session 3 1 p.m. Naylene Rivera, Hannah Graves, Julia Claire Lockart, Jocelyn De Paz
Session 4 & Closing Ceremony 2 p.m. Marcela Melendez Escobar, Tatiana Vasquez, Carine Santos, Jamie Bondar, Jarvis Chen


Jarvis ChenJamie BondarDr. Jarvis Chen, CAAO
& Jamie P. Bondar, CLAS
“Welcome from the Directors”

Jennifer Alvarez-MendozaJennifer Alvarez-Mendoza
McNair Scholar
"Is there a Loophole to The Cycle of Recidivism?"

Jocelyn De PazJocelyn De Paz
McNair Scholar
"The Influence of Riboflavin-Producing Bacteria on Women's Health"

Lindsay S. DieudonneLindsay S. Dieudonne
McNair Scholar
"Health Care in the American Carceral System: A Graded Report on Health Care Policies"

Hannah GravesHannah Graves
McNair Scholar
"Dismantling the Barriers Within Psychotherapy: What Is the Uniting Feature(s) of the White Working Class Identity?"

Nina InsixiengmayNina Insixiengmay
Ballotti Scholars
First Year Students & Formal Lab Report Writing

Nicole KingdonNicole Kingdon
McNair Scholar
Pandemic-Related Hardships and Psychological Well-Being: Covid-19's Impact on Low-Income Children and Families

Alexandra LeemingAlexandra Leeming
Ballotti Scholar
Improving Student Attitudes and Problem-Solving Skills in Physics

Julia Claire LockartJulia Claire Lockart
Ballotti Scholar
An Analysis of Study Methods in Relation to Humanities and STEM Majors

Marcela Melendez EscobarMarcela Melendez Escobar
McNair Scholar
The Antibiotic Mitomycin C Induces Mating of Bacillus subtilis

Thomas NguyenThomas Nguyen
McNair Scholar
Why Do Youth Programs Fail?

Diana PenaDiana Pena
McNair Scholar
Adverse Childhood Experiences in the Lives of Pregnant and Mothering Women Who Use Drugs

Naylene RiveraNaylene Rivera
McNair Scholar
The Effects of Emotions and Dreams: A Sleep Study of Primed Emotions and Dream Response Using Content Analysis and Participant Survey

Carine Santos, Carine Santos,
McNair Scholar
Body Image and Mental Health Stigma in Brazilian Women/ Women of Brazilian Descent

Breno SilvaBreno Silva
McNair Scholar
Understanding the Photochemistry of Ni(II)-Based Cross-Coupling Catalysts

Daniela SolisDaniela Solis
McNair Scholar
Exploring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatments for Youth of Marginalized Communities

Arbisa TrebickaArbisa Trebicka
Ballotti Scholar
Cultivating Creative Thinkers by Embracing Failure

Tatiana VasquezTatiana Vasquez
McNair Scholar
Analysis of Deep Gray Matter Neural Atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis Patients