McNair Scholar Resources

Being selected to participate in the McNair Scholars Program is an honor and, of course, has its perks!

Once a McNair Scholar, Always a McNair Scholar!

The program successfully prepares student for independent research and graduate study; thus, many universities offer special incentives to attract McNair Scholars to visit their campuses, conduct research with their faculty, and join their graduate programs, at no or little cost to the participants. The following are a list of some resources for McNair Scholars. Feel free to contact the program staff to discuss any of these opportunities.

National McNair Scholars Website

The National McNair Scholars Website maintained by the University of Central Florida, is the one-stop shop for most McNair specific opportunities, events, and related news. Many of the sections on this page link back to resources listed on the McNair Scholars website. Make sure to check it out!

McNair Visitation Days

The McNair Scholars Campus Visitation Program provides an opportunity for scholars to visit distinguished graduate programs throughout the United States. Students meet with faculty, tour the campus, talk to current students and receive services to assist them in applying to graduate programs. Travel is usually covered by the hosting institution. Scholars are encouraged to apply for and attend McNair visitation days to get a feel for different campuses and learn about the programs they provide more intimately.

Conferences and Summer Research Opportunities

McNair Scholars have many opportunities to experience and/or present at professional research conferences. Similarly, many universities allow McNair Scholars to stay at their campus during the summer to conduct research with a faculty mentor. Given the program's requirement to conduct and present research during one's tenure as a McNair Scholar, these are great opportunities to do so at a place other than Suffolk University. In regards to summer research opportunities, these tend to include summer research stipends on top of those that you would be eligible for if you conduct research with the McNair program. Many times, students have apprehension about applying to summer research internships because they feel they have to "work" during the summer. These internships can pay upwards of $5,000 for the summer session; so they are great to fulfill both program requirements and your own financial obligations!

Graduate Application Fee Waivers and McNair Fellowships

We encourage our students to apply to as many graduate programs as possible. More applications means a likelihood for more acceptances, and more acceptances means more choice! The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) has compiled a list of all the universities that offer Fee Waivers for admission. If a school is not listed, don't worry - you may still ask the Program Director to write a fee waiver request letter to the school. In many cases, these will be granted.

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

There are graduate funding opportunities that are not McNair specific. In many cases, these are discipline specific or put forth by some organization of foundation. The following are some good resources for finding these funding opportunities to pay for your graduate study.