Safe Actions for Employee Return (SAFER)

This is a university-wide committee composed of employees representing many different types of working conditions at the University. This group will make recommendations to the COVID-19 Task Force for the policies, processes, work expectations and accommodations that will be needed to support our employees who return to campus or who work remotely in Fall 2020 and beyond.

  • Boris Lazic, Chief Human Resource Officer (Chair)
  • Kailynn Abrams, Administrative Coordinator Facilities & Events
  • Tracy Allen, Nurse Practitioner, Counseling, Health, & Wellness
  • Donna Grand Pre, Senior Vice President for Enrollment
  • Matt Lagor, Director of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Kim McLaurin, Clinical Professor and Associate Dean, Suffolk Law School
  • Sujata Puthussery, Bursar, Student Account Services
  • Pat Reeve, Professor & Chair, History Department, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Carlos Rufin, Professor & Chair, Strategy and International Business, Sawyer Business School
  • Jeff Rhind, Associate Director Media Services