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Bachelors Program

First-year or freshman student

You can apply to Suffolk University Madrid Campus as an incoming freshman if you are currently enrolled in high school/secondary school or if you have recently graduated with no previous college or university-level study, and you wish to begin your university studies to earn an undergraduate/bachelor's degree.

Transfer students

You can apply to Suffolk University Madrid Campus as a transfer student if you have been or are currently enrolled in a college or university undergraduate program, you have completed or are completing coursework for credit, and wish to transfer to Suffolk University Madrid Campus to continue your studies to earn an undergraduate/bachelor's degree.

Application requirements are different for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

To apply, use the common application for our degree program and fill it out completely. The application is valid for both campuses, Madrid and Boston, so be sure to indicate your preference to start at the Madrid Campus on the Supplemental Information Form, under Academic Information - "Location: Suffolk/Madrid". Then send all the appropriate documents to the Office of Admission. Documentation can be sent to either Madrid or Boston, see the exact contact details here.

Bachelors Program Summary

Study Abroad Program

As a current Universty student you can apply to Suffolk University Madrid Campus for a semester, summer session, or academic year as part of your undergraduate university studies. Studying abroad is an invaluable experience which immensely enriches your time as a student. You will become familiar with a different language, culture, and country while working towards your degree. With the approval of your home campus, you will be able to study in Madrid and transfer your course credits back to your home university.

Suffolk University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. This means that the University’s credits, including those earned at the Madrid Campus, are transferable to other US universities. Suffolk University Madrid Campus is officially authorized by the relevant Spanish educational authority within the Madrid regional government. This means that credits earned at our Suffolk University Madrid Campus in Spain may be convalidated as equivalents to Spanish credits by the Spanish Ministry of Education.