• What are your admission requirements for freshmen and transfer applicants into the degree program?

    Our admission requirements are the same as those for the Boston Campus. If you wish to earn an undergraduate / bachelor’s degree from Suffolk University, you can apply as an incoming freshman or as a transfer student. See the application form for the complete list of documentation required for an application to be considered

  • Do I have to take placements exams?

    Placement exams are required for those students who are pre-registered for an English, Math or Spanish class. You will receive a link and instructions on how to access these exams once you're ready to be pre-registered for classes.

  • I have a TOEFL score report. Do I still need to take the English placement exam?

    Yes, all non-native English speakers who need to take the placement exam.

  • Where are the professors from?

    We’re proud of our international faculty who boast academic training and teaching experience in universities around the world. All have a strong commitment to teaching and a sincere interest in their students; you can be sure your professor will know you by name.

  • What are the most popular majors?

    It’s important for students to choose a major that’s personally fulfilling and interesting. Suffolk offers more than 60 degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, Sawyer Business School and New England School of Art and Design.

  • What are the high school requirements for admission?

    We consider freshman applicants for admission based on the level and range of high school courses selected, grades achieved, standardized test scores (SAT / ACT / TOEFL), recommendations and the essay. In high school, you should have completed: four units of English, three units of mathematics (algebra I and II and geometry), two units of science (at least one of which is with a lab), two units of language, one unit of American history, four units distributed among other college preparatory electives. We may also consider other factors in the review process, such as: class rank, honors courses, AP courses. We do not use specific minimums for scores or grades in the decision, but weigh all factors together as a whole view of you and your potential for success as a student at Suffolk University. We are also very interested in personal qualities that will offer us a complete view of you as an applicant, including: extracurricular involvement, community services, special interests.

  • Where do Suffolk students come from?

    The Madrid Campus is proud of its multicultural environment with students from around the world, however, the majority of our student body is from the United States.

  • Do you offer summer classes for high school students?

    We offer an intensive Spanish language immersion course for high school students

  • Do you offer distance learning?

    At this time all our courses are for on-campus learning environments.

  • Can I double major?

    With the American style of higher education, a double major is certainly possible. Due to the requirements you’d need to fulfill in two different departments, it may take a semester or two longer than the typical four years. This depends on how many required courses each major has in common.

  • Can I major in a language?

    You can major in French and Spanish at Suffolk. Of course Madrid is the perfect place to learn and improve your Spanish, but the large international community also provides native speakers of languages from around the world if you’d like to practice another language on your own.

  • Can I talk to current Suffolk Madrid students?

    We’d be happy to set up a mutually convenient time for a current student to contact you and give you his/her perspective. Send an email to admissions@suffolk.es and ask for details.

  • I have sent in my application, how long does it take for a decision on my admission?

    As documents arrive for your file, we’ll let you know. Once your file is complete, it is submitted to the admission review committee for evaluation. Early action admission decisions are notified by December 20, and regular admission decisions are notified in late March.

  • Is it easier to get into the Madrid Campus than the Boston Campus?

    The Boston Campus Admission Office makes the admissions decisions, so the same criteria are used for both campuses.

  • I’ve been admitted to the Boston Campus, can I switch to the Madrid Campus?

    It’s usually possible to switch your admission, but there are some factors that we need to consider first. If you’d like to change to a campus different from your original admission, contact the admission office at the campus you were admitted to so they can provide you with the details of how to go about the change.

  • Do you accept transfer credit from other universities?

    Please submit an official transcript from your current university and we’ll evaluate the classes you’ve taken to consider them for transfer credit. On some occasions you may have to contact an outside evaluation company. If everything transfers in, your time in Madrid would be reduced by the corresponding amount of time you studied at your previous university. Roughly speaking, for example, a year of coursework transferred in will leave you approximately a year’s worth of coursework at the Madrid Campus. After you’ve completed the available coursework in Madrid, you’d make the internal transfer to the Boston Campus. Although the final credit evaluation is the determining factor, general education requirements (English, Humanities, Math) usually transfer in.