students sitting in a madrid campus dormroom

Where you live can have an enormous impact on your overall experience in Spain. The Department of Housing is dedicated to helping you choose the option that best suits you. Please read the following information carefully before making your final decision.

The purpose of this information is to provide a general understanding of the housing arrangements in Madrid while studying with SUMC. We hope this information is helpful.

Madrid is a densely-populated city of about 5.000.000 inhabitants. Despite Madrid’s size, the public transportation system (buses, subway and commuter trains) makes any part of the city very accessible. Your housing assignment will have easy access to public transportation. In the past, SUMC students have preferred to live near the center of the city, even if it means traveling a bit more to get to class each day. It is important to know that in Spain, campus facilities are different from what you may be used to at your home university. Spanish students go to the university to attend class and then they go home, to work, to the gym, or to hang out elsewhere. Once classes are finished, life takes place in the neighborhoods and the city center.

Suffolk University Madrid Campus has no on-campus housing. However, students are provided with the following choices: