It is quite safe to move about Madrid, as long as you exercise the same care as you would in any big city such as London or Paris. Many students comment that of all the large cities they have visited, they have felt most secure in Madrid. Madrileños often like to socialize outside of their homes and there is almost always a significant number of people in the streets. It should be noted that, unlike in the USA, guns are illegal.

Campus security

Suffolk University Madrid Campus makes a special effort to provide for the safety and security of its students. The Campus monitors both the local and international situations through Embassy contacts, Spanish governmental information and media reports.

Our regular security measures include:

  • Low Profile. Currently our building abroad displays a single discreet sign of our identity as a US institution. Buses used for airport transfer or field study are from local companies, bearing no Suffolk or American markings of any kind.
  • Building Security. Access to our academic/administrative building abroad is provided only to students, faculty, staff and invited visitors. Students are issued identity cards for security purposes.
  • Information. Key security-related information, including US State Department advisories, is posted on student bulletin boards. Students have ongoing access to English-language print and broadcast news. We also provide lectures and group discussions on world events so that students may put the current situation into context.
  • Police Relations. SUMC cultivates good relations with local law enforcement. Police are attentive to the special needs of an American program in their neighborhood.
  • Embassy/Consular Contacts. We stay in close contact with diplomatic posts. We make every effort to register our students with their respective embassies. US State Department officials give presentations each semester related to student safety.
  • SUMC Crisis Management. If an emergency situation should arise, the SUMC administration is prepared to analyze the nature and potential seriousness of the situation, taking immediate steps to inform the SUMC community of any necessary actions.
  • Emergency Manual. We maintain an up-to-date administrative manual of policies and procedures to be followed in times of emergency abroad. This document offers guidance for staff when confronting a crisis and it provides a plan for communication and decision-making.
  • Contact with SUMC. The Suffolk University home Campus in Boston, MA, is in frequent contact with its centers abroad, allowing for prompt action in any emergency. We also encourage contact between students and parents or others at home. Since students play a key role in enhancing their own safety and security, we ask everyone to impress upon students the need to use common sense and increase their awareness of their surroundings. The more our students involve themselves in the local culture, the less they will stand out as Americans abroad.
  • Evacuation Plan. Although it has never become necessary to close down the Madrid Campus in the course of the semester, our emergency plans envision such a contingency. The well-being of students remains our top concern, and our commitment is to offer our students the conditions for a safe and successful experience abroad.

To request further information or to address specific concerns, please call Ms. Elizabeth Baile, Associate Director, at 34-91-533-5935 during business hours Monday through Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Madrid local time) or contact her by e-mail.

In compliance with the US Department of Education's Jeanne Clery Act on the Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics, Suffolk University Madrid Campus makes the following information available to all current and prospective students, faculty and staff:

Download the SUMC Annual Security Report 2018 (PDF)

This report contains the following information:

Campus security policy statement

  • SUMC security authority
  • Definition of Campus locations
  • Access to Campus buildings and residences

SUMC disciplinary system

  • Policy on alcohol and other unauthorized drugs
  • Policy on reporting sexual offenses
  • Policy on procedures to be followed in sex offenses