• Developmental English Skills I ENG 095

    This course provides students with opportunities for and guidance in the development of Academic English proficiency. Class activities focus on aiding students in improving their academic English reading and writing skills to the proficiency levels required by the University. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of planning, organizing and revising essays, as well as learning how to analyze, summarize, and cite an author’s ideas and words. 4 credits

  • Studies in American Literature ENG 142

    Study of poetry, prose, and drama from the American literary tradition, with emphasis on close reading and literary analysis. Students will compose formal essays discussing the meanings and relationship between texts as well as the author’s craft and relationship to the reader. Prerequisites: WRI 101 and WRI 102. 4 credits

  • First Year Writing I WRI 101

    Study and practice of the writing process and revision in terms of expository writing modes for an academic audience. This course studies persuasive and expository writing in the essay form through frequent writing assignments based on critical readings of class texts and discussions. The aims of this course are to consolidate and expand on writing and reading skills in order to increase the student’s capacity to read and write correctly and logically. Various rhetorical principles and techniques, including argument and persuasion, are discussed, analyzed in readings, and incorporated into students’ essays. 4 credits

  • First Year Writing II WRI 102

    A continuation of WRI 101. Study and practice of argumentative and research writing through further work with writing process and revision and the critical reading of a variety of texts. 4 credits