Suffolk University educates students to become engaged and innovative professionals and forward-thinking leaders, prepared to succeed in the global community. Learn more about what sets Suffolk University and our students apart.

The Career Development Center offers employers a variety of ways to connect with our exceptional students and alumni. Contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

  • On- and Off-Campus Recruiting

    Our recruiting team enables pre-screening and targeted selection; we coordinate and schedule interviews; and for onsite interviewing, we can design a customized program that meets your specific needs.  

  • Online Posting and Targeted Email

    We invite you to post full-time and internship positions. Job opportunities are posted to our search engine based on employer-selected criteria, where they become accessible to thousands of students, recent graduates, and alumni. Registrants search postings using keywords, titles, and industries. You can specify that resumes be sent individually or bundled, and you can set start and end dates to the posting. We use eRecruiting and MonsterTrak to manage this process.

    We also facilitate direct email sends to individual academic departments, professors, clubs, and pre-professional student organizations to assure timely communication of new job openings and employer updates.

  • Resume Books

    Our recruiting team will work with you to provide access to our comprehensive student resumé books. This allows you to conduct a more detailed, selective search when recruiting on campus.  

  • Job Fairs and Special Events

    Suffolk University hosts a full-time job fair the last week of March and a summer internship job fair approximately a week later. Both events offer an excellent opportunities to target students for specific openings.

    Throughout the year, we also host events such as resume critiques, mock interview days, panels, and speaker series designed to further prepare our students for their careers. We encourage you to participate in these events to better get to know Suffolk students and to help support their career growth.