‘Volunteering┬áhas been one of the highlights of my trip here. I met a Spanish family that has basically adopted me, I got to know a ton of nursing home residents who all light up whenever I arrive. I got to learn Spanish songs and practice my numbers with Spanish bingo! It was incredibly rewarding and overall, I highly recommend this experience to all future students.’ (Wendi Bacon, Fundación Desarrollo y Asistencia)

‘Helping out at the soup kitchen was really rewarding, and Soqui, who was in charge, always kept me on my toes. It was fulfilling to help.’ (Blake Churchman, Comedor Social San Francisco)

‘Volunteering in Spain has made me realize that we're all the same; we all go through hard times, but it's the support given by one another that makes all the difference. […]I would recommend volunteering to any student studying abroad, not only because it helps to broaden our perspectives on the poverty that exists in the world, but really it just gives you something to be proud of.’ (Meghan Donnelly, Comedor Social San Francisco)

‘Working at Fundación Balia was a great experience. The kids were so much fun to be around and the teachers, as well as the coordinator Ana Ciudad were kind and welcoming. […] Volunteering was such a positive experience for me and I'd recommend it to everyone who decides to study abroad. It's a great way to meet new people in a positive atmosphere and enhance your speaking skills.’ (Jade Vasquez, Fundación Balia)