Suffolk University Academic Catalogs

Publication Date: May 26, 2020

Suffolk Academic Catalogs

Graduate Academic Catalog

View the academic catalogs for all Suffolk graduate programs or look up specific classes that are offered in the College of Arts & Sciences or Sawyer Business School.


Pathways programs allow international students to begin their studies at Suffolk University in a welcoming, supportive environment that can lead to a degree in the College of Arts & Sciences or the Sawyer Business school.

Law School Academic Catalog

Take a look at the Suffolk Law School Course Catalog to find a specific course, concentration, or area of focus. 

About the University

Additional Information about Suffolk.

University Calendars

View the University Academic Calendars at Suffolk to determine specific dates and plan your schedule. 

Academic Catalog Archives

The Academic Catalogs are archived annually. Please note that any content linked to from an archive is not a part of the catalog archive.