Degree requirements for doctoral programs must be completed within eight consecutive years from the matriculation into the doctoral program. Degree requirements for all master's programs are normally completed within five years after the start of graduate work.

Students are required to submit an application for degree, available through MySuffolk, to the Registrar’s Office by the published deadline. It is expected that all obligations to the University, both academic and financial, will be completed at the close of that semester. Failure to comply with this requirement will delay graduation and participation in commencement

In addition to those students who have completed in quality and quantity the requirements for their respective degrees, students meeting the following conditions may also participate in commencement exercises, if they:

  1. Are within three courses of fulfilling their requirements.
  2. Have met all other requirements for graduation (see specific programs for degree requirements).
  3. In the event that a student has not completed all the required courses for graduation, he/she must arrange to complete the work outstanding in the Suffolk summer sessions immediately following graduation.
  4. File the appropriate petitions in the Registrar’s office. Completed petitions will be reviewed by the Registrar and the respective dean for approval.
  5. It is critical that students have the required 3.0 GPA (see specific programs for degree requirements) at the time of commencement in order to participate in the ceremony.

Suffolk University diplomas include the degree awarded. A diploma does not include concentrations. Suffolk University transcripts include information related to the student's identity and academic history at the university including any concentrations.