Student Account Credit Refunds

Any student with an actual credit balance/overpayment on their student account is eligible to request a refund. First, check your current account balance on SU Pay. If you are showing a credit balance on your student account, you may then choose "Request a Refund" under My Finances when you login to MySuffolk.

  • If you have an eRefund account set up in SU Pay, your refund will be deposited directly into your account.
  • If your refund is a paper check, it will be available for pick-up only at the Ram Registration and Financial Services Center. You will be notified via email about its availability.
  • Refund requests received by mid night of Sunday will be available the following Friday. All requests received after the Sunday cutoff will be processed on the second Friday.
  • Suffolk University cannot accept international wires that over pay a student account. Wires received in excess of the term balance will not be refunded to the student. Instead the wire will be rejected and returned to the original source. If you drop a course that was paid for with a wire transfer and you have a credit on your student account, that credit will be returned to the source of the wire.
  • If the credit on your account is due to a Parent Plus loan, we need permission from the borrower of the loan to refund the credit to you.
  • Students who have pending aid that is eligible to post to the account but have to wait till it disburses in order to request a refund, may request an advance of their aid up to $2000, providing they have this amount available to them.
  • Federal Title IV Aid Recipients: Any Title IV refund that is required to be made to you will be directed to the bank account submitted with your request. If you do not have direct deposit set up, a check will be issued for pick up at the Ram Registration and Financial Services Center.

Please note: Students have the ability to request refunds without the consent of the primary bill payer.

Federal Title IV Refunds to Students

If you have a credit balance from the disbursement of Title IV funds to your student account at any time during the school year, Suffolk University is required by law to obtain your permission to apply the credit balance to prior year or future term charges. Learn more about the Title IV authorization and using Title IV funds toward books and supplies.

Refunds will not be available until the start of the semester for which the credit applies. To learn when your refund or advance will be available, please contact the Ram Registration and Financial Services Center.