Registration and Attendance

Registration materials (program evaluations, transcripts, course schedules, etc.) are available to all students online prior to faculty advising at the beginning of each term’s pre-registration. 

Newly accepted and re-entry students will receive information regarding orientation and/or registration from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.


Registration is closed after the first full week of classes in any semester.

Students may add, drop, or change courses online based upon availability and eligibility during the first week of the term. Refer to the academic calendar for add and drop dates.

See Grading page.

In an audited course, a student will not receive credit or honor points; however, a student must pay the same tuition as if taking the course for credit. Under no circumstances may a student change from the evaluative letter grade system to audit or vice versa after the first two weeks of classes.

A student who audits a course is responsible for attending classes and completing required coursework.

Federal regulations require universities receiving federal funding to implement a policy monitoring student attendance in class.

Instructors are responsible for establishing the requirements for attendance and participation in each of their classes and for informing students of these requirements at the beginning of each course.

The Office of Health & Wellness Services does not excuse student absences. The student, when absent from class, has the responsibility of obtaining knowledge of materials covered in classes missed, including information about announced tests, papers, or other assignments.

See Withdrawing from All Courses, Leaves of Absence & Withdrawing from the University for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and Sawyer Business School in the Student Handbook

This policy pertains to students in the College of Arts and Sciences and Sawyer Business School.

Students who are not on an official leave of absence and have been away for more than two semesters will be administratively withdrawn from the University. Students who have been administratively withdrawn must complete the re-entry application with admissions to re-enroll at the University.