Study Groups

Study groups are weekly, informal, drop-in study sessions for specific courses. They are led by CLAS student study group leaders who assist students with their questions, review challenging course material and provide the opportunity for students to practice applying what they are learning in class.

Course List and Schedule

The CLAS does not offer study groups over the summer. Check back here in September for the fall 2021 study group schedule.

Who are the Study Group Leaders?

The study group leaders are students who have already earned success in the class for which they are leading a study group. Many of our leaders have been recommended by the faculty for this role and all of them have sought this role because they enjoy helping others and collaborating with their peers. Our comprehensive training program is nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Recommend a student to serve as a study group leader by calling us at 617-573-8034 or emailing us.

Expectations for Study Group Leaders

Study Group Sessions

  • Leaders facilitate weekly study groups at a regularly scheduled time and place.
  • Study group sessions are neither mandatory nor graded/credit bearing course components. We encourage students to attend voluntarily.

Faculty Contact

  • Leaders will be in communication with their faculty members at the beginning of the semester to discuss how the Study Group can best complement the course.
  • Leaders will work to maintain consistent contact and open communication with faculty throughout the semester in-person and via email.

Promote the Study Groups

  • Leaders and CLAS tutors will promote the study group and other CLAS services by periodically making brief, in-class announcements in the first few minutes of class.
  • Leaders will also send email reminders to the students about upcoming study group sessions to generate interest. With faculty permission, leaders will be added to your course on Blackboard.

Create Relevant Materials

  • Leaders will follow the course syllabi to stay up-to-date on what the study group class is learning each week.
  • In preparation for each study group sessions, leaders will review relevant topics and create study guides and/or problem sets as needed.

Restrictions for Study Group Leaders

  1. Leaders are not allowed to assist students directly with graded assignments unless permitted by the faculty.
  2. Leaders are not allowed to grade or evaluate student work or performance.
  3. Leaders will not report study group attendance to other students or faculty – please contact CLAS with questions regarding attendance.
  4. Leaders will not teach new material in study group or in the faculty member’s absence in class.