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Do your students need to brush up on academic skills? Refer them to our workshops or host a workshop in your class.

CLAS workshops engage students in the learning process and provide them with new tools for academic success. Our interactive presentations include providing students with strategies to:

  • Be more effective communicators ("RamTalk” Series)
  • Study the best way for their individualized learning style (“Smart Study Skills”)
  • Manage their time efficiently (“Time Management Skills”)

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Center for Learning & Academic Success

Let’s stretch and get our communication muscles warmed up in this first workshop, which focuses on preparing for a public speaking event and managing nerves around communication.

This workshop focuses on ensuring that you have good form and proper alignment before trying out any communication skills. Pace, speaking style, and tips for engaging your audience are discussed.

What’s short, sometimes painful, and makes you sweaty? Small talk is the cardio of communication. It’s important for our overall health, often dreaded, and you need to build up endurance to be successful. This workshop focuses on the how-tos of making small talk and provides you with strategies for success.

It’s time to work on building strength in all aspects of your communication. Like any muscle, building up communication requires repetitions and focus. From your legs to upper body to core, this workshop will take you through the muscles needed to communicate your value and story effectively in a professional setting. Be sure to check out this workshop before your next interview!

Trying out a Zumba or Spin class can be almost as daunting as working on a group project, whether in the classroom or the workplace. This workshop takes you through best practices for working in groups, conflict resolution, and ultimately finding success through teamwork.

Navigating your gym’s juice bar and interacting with other gym-goers and trainers can be pretty intimidating. Similarly, networking follows lots of hard academic and professional work. Making connections while demonstrating your professional value can be both rewarding and nerve-wracking. This workshop will put your mind at ease and equip you with the necessary tools to network successfully

This workshop focuses on ways to get organized as a student and best manage your time. Topics include reviewing sample weekly and monthly calendars, tips for making the most of your time, and technology to utilize.

This workshop introduces students to different note-taking techniques (such as the Cornell Method) and provides best practices for taking clear, effective, and thorough notes.

This workshop touches briefly on three aspects of presentations: managing anxiety, constructing a presentation, and best practices for preparation.

This workshop focuses on study skills to help students be successful when preparing for tests and final exams. Study strategies based on personal learning style, study skills apps, and learning systems are discussed.

This workshop provides a step-by-step demonstration through often needed computer functions and programs. Tips and tricks for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are highlighted.


Center for International programs & Services

This workshop will review the study abroad programs offered by the Center for International Programs and Services. Students will learn where they are able to study abroad and for how long. We will review eligibility requirements and the application process. We will also cover the academic and financial processes, such as how the courses transfer back to Suffolk and what financial aid can be used.

This workshop will explore some of the soft-skills that students gain through their study abroad experience and teach students how to articulate their experiences. Many students report feeling more independent, responsible, and globally-aware after they spend time on a study abroad program. We will talk about how students can leverage these skills in interviews and in the workforce. (Need to talk to CDC still)

Immigration is a hot topic within American politics. We can discuss briefly what we do for students and the ramifications of possible changes to US policy.


Office of Disability Services

Read&Write is a program available to all students at Suffolk that “lets everyone read, write and express themselves more confidently.” In this session, the Division of Student Success will demonstrate how students can use Read&Write to turn any book into an audio book, create highlighted and audible study guides, and make use of a wealth of writing tools.


Undergraduate Academic Advising Center

Using tools on MySuffolk and the UAAC website, students’ will be taught how to develop a semester by semester map of course selections. Along with this practical discussion, students’ will be encouraged to expand upon how to check off their “bucket list” at Suffolk; e.g. the best semester to Study Abroad, when to fit in an internship, when their preferred major electives are offered, etc.

This workshop will explore in-depth the Program Evaluation; the key information provided on this form and how to use that information to stay on top of your major and graduate on time. Specific topics covered include the where to find your Cumulative v. Major GPA, core and major requirements, and defining Free Elective Credit-how much do you have left and how you might use these elective credits.

Prelaw at Suffolk is a segment of pre-professional advising, assisting students to apply to law school. This session will explore some prominent myths about the “ideal” prelaw major and what students can do outside the classroom as part of preparing for the law school experience


Career Development

This presentation introduces students to what a resume is, how it is organized, and what information is included. It helps them to prepare content and write their own resumes in order to effectively market themselves to employers.

This workshop helps Suffolk students know what to expect during the interview process. It offers strategic tips on how to prepare for the interview and it helps students develop the skills necessary to be a competitive candidate in the job market.

In this Internship Presentation, the students will learn what an internship is, why it is important to do one, search strategies (including online research and networking) and how to make the most of the internship experience.