Resumes & Cover Letters

Your resume and cover letter are the first impression you make on employers. They should demonstrate your personal brand - who you are as an employee and what skills and qualifications you have.

You can always make an appointment to have your resume or cover letter reviewed by a career advisor in the Career Development Center.


Your resume is a personal marketing tool that is designed to grab the interest of an employer and distinguish you from other candidates. The goal of your resume is to get you an initial interview. A poor resume can get you overlooked for a job you might be a great candidate for—do not assume that your resume is ready to go if you have not let someone else review it.

Resume & Cover Letter Guide

Looking for additional resume and cover letter tips and templates? Download the full Resume & Cover Letter Guide here for your reference.
Download the Guide [PDF]

Characteristics of a Good Resume


Your resume should tell a story and it should be easy for employers to understand in a short amount of time. If an employer only looks at your resume for 5 seconds, what will they remember about you?


Your resume should be targeted to fit the specific jobs that you are applying to. Use industry vocabulary and relevant words from the job description. Put your experiences—work, volunteer, academic, and leadership—into categories that highlight your most relevant skills and abilities. Create multiple versions of your resume if you are applying to different types of jobs.


Bullets on your resume should not be copied from a job description—they should be action-oriented and specific. They should include results when possible. Use action verbs!


There should be no typos, mistakes, incorrect or outdated information on your resume. One small mistake could put you in the NO pile!


Your resume should be as easy to read as possible. Make it well-organized and clean, with clear fonts and consistent formatting throughout the document. Your resume should usually be no more than one page.