Career Assessment

Our professionally trained staff provides individual career advising—including vocation testing and assessment, college major assistance, and job search advising.

Career Advising Resources

Vocational testing and assessment

Talk to our advisors about Focus2 and other assessments.

College major assistance

We can help you decide on a major or reevaluate your major choice through one-on-one advising, testing, and workshops.

Job search advising

This includes resume and cover letter reviews, job search planning, learning interview techniques and networking strategies.

Job fairs

The University participates in numerous job fairs, often in collaboration with other Boston-area schools, such as the Women for Hire Job Fair, the Idealist Career Fair, and the MERC Teaching Job Fair. Suffolk's own job fair is held in March or early April.

How to Make the Most of a Job Fair

  1. Research specific employers and jobs of interest prior to the event
  2. Develop your 30 – 60 second commercial about you and your credentials
  3. Dress appropriately
  4. Introduce yourself to employers, pitch your 30 - 60 second commercial and engage in a brief conversation about the employer’s needs, your background/skill set, and the potential for a match
  5. Ask the recruiter for their business card at the end of the meeting
  6. Take any pertinent notes immediately following the conversation and before moving to the next employer
  7. Send a thank you letter and email note to targeted employers reinforcing your related experience, skills, and credential
  8. Follow-up a week later
  9. Persist until you land an interview