Six-Year Bachelor's/Law Degree

Suffolk students can earn a combined bachelor's degree and law degree in six years.

A limited number of outstanding Suffolk full-time day division undergraduates may gain early admission to Suffolk University Law School at the end of their junior year of college. Such students are able to earn the combined bachelor's degree and the Juris Doctor degree in six years instead of the customary seven. Upon successful completion of all undergraduate and JD requirements students will have met the requirements for the undergraduate degree and the juris doctor degree.

The first three years of study are at the College of Arts & Sciences and the final three years are at Suffolk University Law School. The bachelor's degree is awarded after the successful completion of the first full year of law study. Students interested in applying to the Six-Year Program should be planning their academic program accordingly beginning freshmen year.

Notes on the Admission Process

Undergraduates who seek early admission to Suffolk University Law School must complete the following to have their application considered:

  • Declare your interest to the CAS academic dean's office as early as the start of your freshman year.
  • Complete a minimum of 96 semester hours toward the bachelor's degree, including all degree requirements other than free elective credits (a minimum of 45 semester hours must be completed as an undergraduate at Suffolk University).
  • Complete any major or minor residency requirements (if applicable).
  • Note that credit earned through the CLEP test may not be counted toward the minimum Suffolk undergraduate credit requirement.
  • Obtain a letter from the assistant dean of the College confirming that your undergraduate requirements (other than free electives) are on track to be completed by the end of your junior year.
  • Take the LSAT prior to applying to the Law School. Applicants must earn a score that is equal to or greater than the median score of the Law School's entering class for the previous year.
  • If admitted to the Law School, obtain a second letter from the assistant dean of the College confirming completion of undergraduate requirements at the end of your junior year. This letter must be sent to Suffolk Law Admission by the assistant dean of the College no later than July 1.

For more information on this program, or to apply, please contact Pauline Alvarez via email or at 617-573-8268.