Barbara Abrams, PhD

Professor & Chair, History, Language & Global Culture

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  • PhD, Columbia University
  • MPhil, Columbia University
  • MA, University of Cincinnati
  • Magistère de langue et de civilisation Françaises, Universite de Paris - Sorbonne (Paris IV)
  • Diplôme de pédagogie Française, Universite de Paris - Sorbonne (Paris IV)
  • MSW, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Diplôme Avancé de langue et de civilisation Françaises, Institut Catholique de Paris
  • BA, University of Wisconsin


Professor Abrams is the Director of the Global and Cultural Studies Major Program. Her work focuses on Global and Cultural Studies, French literature of the Enlightenment and Women’s and Gender Studies. Her most recent work includes an archival research project titled ReSisters which examines women cloistered against their will in 18th century France, and a multi-graph book titled Reframing Rousseau’s Le Lévite d’Ephraïm: The Hebrew Bible, Hospitality, and Modern Identity. Her book, Le Bizarre and Le Décousu in the Novels and Theoretical Works of Denis Diderot: How the Idea of Marginality Originated in Eighteenth-Century France, examines the background of our modern concept of marginality by focusing on Diderot’s materialist philosophy. Professor Abrams is the academic liaison for the Suffolk/CAVILAM intensive French program in Vichy, France and the student exchange program at the Catholic University of Lille.

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Courses Taught

  • ENG-130 - Introduction to Literature
  • FR-102 - Elementary French II
  • FR-216 - Masterpieces of Fr & Fran Lit
  • GCS-110 - Reading the World
  • GCS-503 - Internship
  • GCS-511 - Professional Development
  • GCS-H555 - GCS Seniors Honors Thesis
  • SF-116 - Enlightened Insanity
  • WGS-325 - Global Women's Fiction
  • WGS-330 - Furies to Femi-Nazis
  • WGS-H325 - Global Women's Fiction