Robert Allison, PhD

Professor, History, Language & Global Culture

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  • PhD, Harvard
  • MA, Harvard
  • BA, Harvard University Extension


Professor Allison's books include:

  • The Boston Tea Party (2007)
  • The Boston Massacre (2006)
  • Stephen Decatur: American Naval Hero (2005)
  • A Short History of Boston (2004)
  • The Crescent Obscured: The United States and the Muslim World 1776-1815 (Chicago, 2000)

He has also edited several books, including:

  • The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, The African (Boston, 1995, revised edition, 2004)
  • The Revolutionary Era, 1754-1783 (Detroit, 1998)
  • The Development of a Nation, 1783-1815 (Detroit, 1997) in the award-winning American Eras series
  • History In Dispute: The Pursuit of Progress 1900-1945 (2000)
  • History in Dispute: The Pursuit of Liberty, 1945-2000 (Detroit, 2000)

Community Projects

Professor Allison is involved with several museums and historical societies in Boston. He has delivered public lectures at the Bostonian Society, the Adams National Historic Site, and has presented papers at conferences in the United States, Wales, and Turkey.

He is president of the South Boston Historical Society, vice president of the Colonial.

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Courses Taught

  • CI-133 - Creating America
  • CI-H133 - Honors Creating America
  • HST-182 - American Life Since the Civil War Era
  • HST-288 - A Presidents We Love to Hate
  • HST-360 - Native America: From Pre-History to the Trail of Tears
  • HST-361 - Native America 1832 to Present
  • HST-363 - Naval History: U.S.S. Constitution
  • HST-381 - American Colonial History
  • HST-382 - The American Revolution
  • HST-383 - Boston: Heritage of a City
  • HST-389 - Creating the Constitution
  • HST-H555 - Senior Honors Capstone
  • SF-1165 - History of Boston