Mimi Arbeit, PhD

Assistant Professor, Psychology

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PhD, Child Study and Human Development, Tufts University

MA, Child Development, Tufts University

BA, Psychology and Human Rights, Columbia University

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Center to Promote Effective Youth Development (Youth-Nex), University of Virginia Curry School of Education

Specialty Areas

Adolescent development, sexuality development, social justice

I am an applied developmental psychologist, sexuality educator, and community organizer. I study adolescent sexuality development with a focus on sex education, sexual violence prevention, and school-based supports for queer and trans youth. My primary research lens entails the examination of contextual influences on young people’s development of dynamic skills. I pursue these academic goals through also investing in mutually supportive bidirectional relationships with youth and activists who are directly confronting systems of oppression and building power from the margins towards a world where all will thrive.


Arbeit, M. R., Burnham, S. L. F., de Four, D., & Cronk, H. (in press). Youth practitioners can counter fascism: What we know and what we need. Journal of Youth Development.

Arbeit, M., Johnson, H. E., Grabowska, A. A., Mauer, V. M., Deutsch, N. L. (2019). Leveraging relational metaphors: An analysis of non-parental adult roles in response to youth needs. Youth & Society.

Arbeit, M. R. (2018). “They’re hoping we can stop it”: Student leadership in sexual violence intervention and response at West Point. Journal of Community Psychology, 46, 598–615.

Arbeit, M. R. (2017). “It could affect you as a person, character-wise”: Promoting character development and preventing sexual violence at West Point. Journal of College and Character, 18(4). 279-295.

Arbeit, M. R. (2017). “Make sure you’re not getting yourself in trouble:” Building sexual relationships and preventing sexual violence at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The Journal of Sex Research, 54(8), 949-961.

Arbeit, M. R., Hershberg, R. M., Johnson, S. K., Lerner, J. V., & Lerner, R. M. (2017). “I mean, we’re guys”: Constructing gender at an all-male trade school. Journal of Adolescent Research, 32(2), 227-258.

Arbeit, M. R., Fisher, C. B., Macapagal, K., & Mustanski, B. (2016). Bisexual invisibility and the sexual health needs of adolescent girls. LGBT Health, 3(5), 1-8.

Arbeit, M. R., Hershberg, R. M., Rubin, R. O., DeSouza, L. S., & Lerner, J. V. (2016). “I’m hoping that I can have better relationships”: Exploring interpersonal connection for young men. Qualitative Psychology, 3(1), 79-97.

Arbeit, M. R., Baldi, E. A., Rubin, R. O., Harris, E. M., & Lerner, J. V. (2015). Promoting adolescent sexual health in youth programming: Implications of the 4-H Study of Positive Youth Development. In E. P. Bowers, G. J. Geldhof, S. K. Johnson, L. J. Hilliard, R. M. Hershberg, J. V. Lerner, & R. M. Lerner (Eds.), Promoting Positive Youth Development: Lessons from the 4-H Study. (pp. 229-248). New York, NY: Springer.

Arbeit, M. R. (2014). What does healthy sex look like among youth? Towards a skills-based model for promoting adolescent sexuality development. Human Development, 57(5), 259-286. (Published with commentaries by Lisa Diamond and David Moshman.)

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  • PSYCH-249 - Introduction to the Lifespan
  • PSYCH-749 - Lifespan Development
  • PSYCH-216 - Research Methods and Design