Bari Bendell, PhD

Associate Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Bari Bendell’s research interests lie at the intersection of entrepreneurship, strategic innovation, and sustainability, and focus on understanding organization decisions as well as the individuals making them. She applies a range of theories and methodological approaches to bridge the micro-macro gap in the innovation and entrepreneurship literature.

Dr. Bendell’s latest research can be found in the Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business Research, the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, among other publications. She has won research and teaching grants and awards from Suffolk University, Babson's International Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Conference, and the Eastern Academy of Management. Dr. Bendell and her students have collaborated with a number of companies and organizations including Liberty Mutual, Swissnex Boston,, AeroShield, BKM Marketing, and The School of Management Fribourg Switzerland.

Honors and Recognitions

  • Paper “A Gender‐Aware Study of Self‐Leadership Strategies Among High‐Growth Entrepreneurs” was among the top 10% most downloaded articles published between January 2018 and December 2019 in the Journal of Small Business Management.
  • Best Empirical Paper, Babson's International Women’s Entrepreneurship Research Conference (2018)
  • Best Entrepreneurship Paper, Eastern Academy of Management Conference (2019)
  • Finalist for Sawyer Business School Outstanding Faculty Award, Suffolk Student Government Association (2019)

Professional Activities

  • City of Quincy Climate Change Committee Member, (January 2019 - Present).


Recent Intellectual Contributions

Bendell, B. L. (2022). Environmental investment decisions of family firms—An analysis of competitor and government influence. Business Strategy and the Environment, 31(1), 1-14.

Bendell, B. L., Sullivan, D. M., Ornstein, S. (2020). How Fear of ‘Looming Megacatastrophes’ Alters Entrepreneurial Activity Rates Through Psychological Distance. Academy of Management Perspectives, 34(4), 585-602.

Bendell, B. L., Huvaj, M. N. (2020). Does Stakeholder Engagement through Corporate Social and Environmental Behaviors Affect Innovation? Journal of Business Research, 119(October 2020), 685-696.

Bendell, B. L., Sullivan, D. M. (2020). Gender, Social Media and Entrepreneurial Networking. In Brännback, Carsrud, and Schjoedt (Ed.), Understanding Social Media and Entrepreneurship (pp. 69-91). Springer.

Wang, I.-C., Bendell, B. L., Kubo, R., Leo, E. (2020). The Interdependency of Cash Flow Rights and Voting Rights on Post-acquisition Value. Asia Pacific Management Review, 25(3), 177-187.

Bendell, B. L., Sullivan, D., Hanek, K. (2020). Gender, Technology and Decision-Making: Insights from an Experimental Conjoint Analysis. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 26(4), 647-670.

Bendell, B. L., Sullivan, D. M., Marvel, M. R. (2019). A Gender-Aware Study of Self-Leadership Strategies Among High-Growth Entrepreneurs. Journal of Small Business Management, 57(1), 110-130.

Thams, Y., Bendell, B. L., Terjesen, S. (2018). Explaining Women’s Presence on Corporate Boards: The Institutionalization of Progressive Gender-Related Policies. Journal of Business Research, 86, 130-140.

Bendell, B. L. (2017). I Don’t Want To Be Green: Prosocial Motivation Effects On Firm Environmental Innovation Rejection Decisions. Journal of Business Ethics, 143(2), 277–288.

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MBA730: Innovative Thinking
ENT352: Green Sustainable Business
SIB550: Travel Seminar – Sustainable Business in Costa Rica
SBSHC245: Business, Society & Resilience

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  • PhD, Indiana University
  • MPP, University of Southern California
  • BS, Bryant University