Gloria Boone, PhD

Professor, Advertising, Public Relations & Social Media

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Gloria M. Boone is a Professor of Communication. She has written books on Rhetorical Communication and Business Communication. Recent articles and presentations are about topics such as hospital websites, social media, online advertising, communicative informatics, health care marketing, usability, digital memory, and rhetoric.

She has been a keynote speaker and a presenter for academic conferences, business groups and professional organizations.


  • PhD, Ohio University
  • MA, Temple University
  • BA, The Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests

  • Social Media
  • New Media and Web Design
  • Advertising and Marketing Communication
  • Healthcare communication
  • Protest Rhetoric
  • Political Communication
  • Suffrage and Women’s Rhetoric

Selected Publications

  • Mobile as Lived Experience. Paper presented at International Communication Association. May 2015
  • The Changing Nature of the Audience in Politics and Medicine Applying Communicative Informatics to Social Media. Fujairah Media Forum, UAE - Fujairah talk [PDF]
  • Boone, G.M., Gallant, L.M. and Secci, J. (2016). Availability of Obesity Information on State Public Health Department Websites in the 10 U.S. states with the highest obesity levels. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research.
  • Gallant, L.M., Boone, G.M., LaRoche, C. (2014). Mobile Usability: Challenges and Implications. Interdisciplinary Mobile Media and Communications: Social. Political and Economic Implications.Xiaoge Xu, editor. IGI Global: Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Gallant, L.M. and Boone, G. M. (2011). Communicative Informatics: An Active and Creative Audience Framework of Social Media. tripleC - Cognition, Communication, Co-operation 9 (2) 231-246.
  • Gallant, L.M., Irizarry,C., Boone,G., & Kreps, G.L.(2011,October 31). Promoting Participatory Medicine with Social Media: New Media Applications on Hospital Websites that Enhance Health Education and e-Patients' Voices
  • Gallant, L M., Irizarry, C., Boone, G. M. & Ruiz-Gordon, B. (July, 2010). Spanish Content on Hospital Websites: An Analysis of U.S. Hospitals in Concentrated Latino Communities. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. HTML
  • Gallant, L.M., Irizarry, C., & Boone, G.M. (2009). Exploring the Technology Adoption Needs of Patients in E-Health. In Patient-Centered E-Health, Wilson, E. V. (Ed.)(pp.201-216)
  • Boone, G. & Secci, J. & Gallant, L. (2007, May). Emerging Trends in Online Advertising. Revista DOXA Comunicacion: Revista Interdisciplinar de estudios de Comunicacion y Ciencias Sociales, V, 241-253.
  • Gallant, L. M. & Boone, G. M. & Heap, A. (2007, March). Five heuristics for designing and evaluating Web based communities.First Monday,12 (3)
  • Boone, G. (2004). How the Rhetorical Tradition Informs Web Design, Information Architecture and Usability. International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 2, Issue 3. Article: Electronic PDF . Article: Print (Spiral Bound).
  • Gallant, L., Boone, G. and Almquist, G. (June, 2003). Wireless Organizational Communication: A Framework for Communicative Informatics. Proceeding of the Informing Science IT Education Conference. pp.1299-1310.
  • Boone, G. M. (1996). Deviant History/ Defiant History: A Video Documentary, Boston Educational Foundation.
  • Boone, G. M. (1995, March). Mystical Unity and Hierachical Difference:Ramon Llull's Rhetoric
    of Conversion. Journal of Communication and Religion 18 (1) pp.49-60
  • Boone, G. M. (1992, Fall). Religious Glasnost: Freedom, Expression and Media Usage by Religious Groups in the Soviet Union, Public Relations Review, 18 (3), pp.265-274.
  • Boone, G. & Kropp, R. P. (1993). Communicating in the Business Environment, Second Edition. Human Resource Development Press.
  • Boone, G. M. (1987, Spring). The Use of Metaphorical Topoi in Impromptu Training, National Forensics Journal. PDF
  • Boone,G. M. (1987). Topoi and Figures of Speech: The Place of Creativity in Rhetorical Studies,in Creativity and Liberal Learning, ed. David G. Tuerck, Ablex Publishing.
  • Boone, G. M. & Harris, E.J. (1985). Rhetoric, Argument and Communication. Second Edition. Kendall /Hunt Publishers.
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Courses Taught

  • ADPR-217- Gay and Lesbian Studies
  • ADPR-257- Advertising I: Foundations
  • ADPR-297- Web Design
  • ADPR-430- Social Media Campaigns
  • ADPR-492- Brands & Social Responsibility
  • ADPR-759- AdCopy
  • ADPR-770- Seminar in Advertising
  • ADPR-771- Web Design
  • ADPR-775- Crisis Campaign Management