Brendan Burke, PhD

Associate Professor, Public Service and Healthcare Administration; Director, Moakley Center for Public Management

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Professor Burke serves undergraduate, graduate, and professional certificate students at Suffolk. He began his career in local government positions in Virginia and North Carolina, prior to his transition to academia in 2000. He has published research, especially on public finance, leadership, and intergovernmental and intersectoral management, in top-rated public administration journals and has taught over thirty different courses during his academic career.

In addition to his service to his academic department, Professor Burke has assisted Suffolk’s academic community through service as departmental Chair, accreditation principal representative, and on various curriculum development committees. Outside of Suffolk, he has served on town and non-profit boards, and is currently a member of two advisory boards for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Board Member, State and Local Government Review, 2015-2018
  • Councillor-at-large, Middle Atlantic and New England Council on Canadian Studies, 2008-2015
  • Board Member, Southeast Area Advisory Board, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, 2015-current
  • Board Member, Plymouth Site Board, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, 2018-current


Recent Intellectual Contributions

Burke, B., and Barry, J. (2020). Reconciliation Programming and Discourse in Northern Ireland Since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. In Global Equity in Public Administration: Nervous Areas of Governments, Susan T. Gooden, ed. (235-254). New York: Routledge.

Snow, D. and Burke, B. (2019). The Practice of State Budgeting in Massachusetts: The Long-term Effects of Structural Imbalance. Municipal Finance Journal, 40(1 & 2):77-100.

Burke, B., and Brudney, J. (2018). Why We Fight: Conflict and “Coping” in Twenty-first Century Intergovernmental Relations. In Intergovernmental Relations in Transition: Reflections and Directions, Carl W. Stenberg and David K. Hamilton, eds. (58-74). New York: Routledge.

Burke, B. (2014). Understanding Intergovernmental Relations, Twenty-five Years Hence. State and Local Government Review, 46(1):63-76.

Intellectual Contributions

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Courses Taught

PAD201: Social Change
PAD325/815: Nonprofit Management
PAD711: Foundations of Public Service and Administration
PAD713: Managing Financial Resources
PAD/MCPM717: Organizational Change
PAD718: Leadership Strategies in an Interconnected World
PAD/MCPM814: Collaborative Public Management
MCPM817: Administrative Strategies in Local Government
PAD840: Comparative Public Policy: Ireland
PAD847: Nonprofit Finance
PAD890: Strategic Management
PAD900: Comparative Public Administration

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Degrees/Professional Certifications

  • MPA, MA, Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • AB, Georgetown University