Judith Dushku

Associate Professor Emerita, Government

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  • MALD , Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  • MA, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
  • BA, Brigham Young University

Research Interests

Comparative politics, particularly in the Global South and in “Transitioning” nations, be they in Africa, Central American and the Caribbean, or in East/Central Europe or in the Central Asian and Caucasian part of the former USSR. I am also interested in the Yugoslavia break-up – its causes and consequences and the interpretations of that momentous event.

I am interested in gender. I am interested in the ways the both policy and international economic trends affect the lives and work of women and children. I am interested in women and peace-keeping and the UN, and in women and peace-building. Women and refugees is a key interest of mine, as is women and development.

I am interested in experiential learning and have long been involved in Government Department study trips. They once focused on the USSR and then the former-Soviet countries. More recently I have taken groups to Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, and am currently planning trips to Haiti and other Caribbean nations. Possibly a trip to India and one to the nations once part of Yugoslavia are in the works.

Employment History

  • Associate Professor of Government, Suffolk University (1986-present)
  • Dean and Academic Director, Suffolk University Dakar Campus (2002-2003)
  • Assistant Professor, Suffolk Unversity (1966-1986)
  • International Student Advisor (part-time, 1978-1987)
  • Professional Coordinator and Principle Faculty for Study Travel, Tours and Seminars:
    Nicaragua (1985, 1988)
    Soviet Union (1986)
    Czechoslovakia and Hungary (1990)
    Former Soviet Republics (1989, 1991)
    Romania, Poland, Ukraine (Crimea), Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary (1998)
    Cuba (2000)
    Dakar, Senegal (2002)
    Venezuela (2006)
    El Salvador (2007)
  • Additional Travel:
    Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast (1985-2001)
    Jamaica (1992)
    Western Europe (1968, 1969, 1985, 1986, 1993)
    China, especially Inner Mongolia, the central cities and Shanghai (1994, 1995)


  • Participant in United Nations Law of the Sea Conference, Geneva, Switzerland (1975)
  • Participant in United Nations Conference on Women, Nairobi, Kenya (1985) and Beijing, China (1995)
  • Participant in various U.S. University Conferences: Women in rural development, women and appropriate technology, third world women and health, land rights, women and politics in the western United States, Mormon women.


  • The Evolving of Kosovo towards Independence and Statehood and the Role of the US and NATO;
  • Human Rights for Women in Iran with Shirin Ebadi
  • Assessing Human Rights in Post-Tsunami Banda Aceh; Possibilities of democratization by international organizations
  • Romanian democratization; Albanian democratization
  • Politics in the DRC and the Role of the US and Uganda in that Process
  • Resource Exploitation in Africa
  • El Salvador since the Peace Accords

Working Papers

  • Oral histories of Romanians in the post-communist transition
  • Parenting in polygamous families in Senegal
  • Divergent experiences of the Kosovo war and the NATO bombing campaign
  • Looking back at Yugoslavia and the break-up
  • Perceptions of the Balkans at the beginning of the 21st century.

Awards & Honors

  • Fullbright Senior Specialist
  • Suffolk University Lifetime Service Award
  • Suffolk University Professor of the Year Award
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Courses Taught

  • GVT 110 - Introduction to American Government
  • GVT 203 - Women in World Politics
  • GVT 205/605 - Women in African Politics
  • GVT 281 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • GVT 283 - Third World Politics
  • GVT 383/684 - African Politics
  • GVT 385/696 - Politics of the Former Soviet Republics
  • GVT 387/687 - Caribbean and Central American Politics
  • GVT 395/695 - Politics of East European Transition
  • GVT 481/681 - Topics in Comparative Politics
  • GVT 507/908 - Government Study Trip
  • GVT 509/660 - United Nations Seminar
  • GVT 774 - Ethical Issues in International Relations