Leslie Eckel, PhD

Professor, English

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Honors Coordinator in English
Co-Director, Honors Major in History and Literature


  • PhD, Yale University
  • MPhil, University of Oxford
  • BA, Harvard University

Research Interests

  • Nineteenth-Century American Literature
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • African American Literature and the Black Atlantic
  • Utopian Literary Studies



  • The Edinburgh Companion to Atlantic Literary Studies, ed. with Clare Elliott. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016.
  • Atlantic Citizens: Nineteenth-Century American Writers At Work in the World. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013.

Edited Volumes

  • “Boston and the New Atlantic World.” Ed. with Joel Pace. Special issue of Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations 15.1 (2011).

Recent Articles & Book Chapters

  • “Emerson’s Transatlantic Networks.” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, edited by Mark Long and Sean Ross Meehan, Modern Language Association, 2018, pp. 169-174.
  • “Oratory.” Walt Whitman in Context, edited by Joanna Levin and Edward Whitley, Cambridge University Press, 2018, pp. 98-107.
  • “Crosscurrents of Black Utopianism: Martin R. Delany’s and Frederick Douglass’s Countercultural Atlantic.” The Edinburgh Companion to Atlantic Literary Studies, edited by Leslie Elizabeth Eckel and Clare Frances Elliott, Edinburgh University Press, 2016, pp. 131-145.
  • "Radical Innocence: Margaret Fuller's Utopian Rome." Transatlantica (2015).
  • "Oceanic Mirrors: Atlantic Literature and the Global Chaosmos." Atlantic Studies 11.1 (2014): 128-144.
  • "Gender." Ralph Waldo Emerson in Context. Ed. Wesley T. Mott. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. 188-195.
  • "'The test of salt water': New Models for Transatlantic Studies." Co-authored with Joel Pace. Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary Relations 15.1 (2011): 3-16.
  • "Longfellow's Dantean Imagination and the Volume of the World." Dante Studies 128 (2010): 149-161.
  • "Reading with Wonder: Encounters with Moby-Dick." Common-place 10.2 (2010).

Manuscripts in Preparation

  • Dwelling in Possibility: Atlantic Utopias and Countercultures (monograph).
  • The Collected Writings of Margaret Fuller, edited with Sonia Di Loreto and Andrew Taylor, Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming (8-volume scholarly edition).
  • “Emerson, Reluctant Feminist.” The Oxford Handbook of Ralph Waldo Emerson, edited by Christopher Hanlon, Oxford University Press, forthcoming (book chapter).


  • Margaret Fuller: Transatlantic Revolutionary. Directed by Jonathan Schwartz, performances by Megan Marshall, Charles Capper, Leslie Eckel, and Katie Kornacki, Risorgimento Productions, 2021.
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Courses Taught

  • ENG 155: Young Adult Literature
  • ENG 156: Immigrant Stories
  • ENG 216: World Literature in English
  • ENG 217: American Literature I: Origins to 1865
  • ENG 218: American Literature II: 1865 to Present
  • ENG 301: Literary Criticism Seminar
  • ENG 352: Global American Literature
  • ENG 354: Hawthorne, Melville, and Stowe
  • ENG 356: Whitman and Dickinson
  • ENG 388: Utopias and Dystopias
  • ENG 510: Independent Study in English
  • ENG H526: American Writers Abroad (Honors Seminar)
  • ENG H555: Senior Honors Thesis
  • SF 1148: Brave New Worlds
  • WGS 111: Women, History, and Culture
  • WRI 101: First-Year Writing I
  • WRI 102: First-Year Writing II
  • WRI H103: Advanced First-Year Writing