Donna Giancola, PhD

Associate Professor, Philosophy

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Donna M. Giancola is an associate professor of philosophy and director of the Religious Studies Program. She has written numerous articles on comparative religion and philosophy, feminism, and eco-feminism. She also has co-authored Her Underground, an eco-feminist novel (Solstice Publishers, 2013), and a philosophy textbook, World Ethics (Wadsworth, 2001). Professor Giancola has lectured extensively in national and international forums from Boston and Hawaii to Oxford, England, and India and most, recently, Bangkok, Thailand. Her latest article, "Women, Land, and Eco-Justice", appears in The Palgrave Handbook on Philosophy and Public Policy. Currently, she is working on another book project, In the Name of the Goddess: a Biophilic Ethic. In spite of her sunny disposition and attempts at being inspirational, she has been known to have an irreverent word or two to say. 


  • PhD, Philosophy, Boston University
  • MA, Boston College
  • BA, Assumption College
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Courses Taught

  • PHIL 115 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 119 - Ethics
  • PHIL 210 - History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL 228 - Feminist Philosophy
  • PHIL 261 - Eastern Philosophy
  • PHIL 262 - Buddhism
  • PHIL 265 - Women in Spirituality
  • PHIL 310 - Topics in the Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 361 - Eco-Feminism
  • PHIL 415 - Aristotle: Profiles in Philosophy