Hannah Hudson, PhD

Associate Professor, English

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  • PhD, Stanford University
  • MA, Stanford University
  • MPhil, University of Cambridge
  • AB, Princeton University

Research Interests

  • Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Literature
  • History of the Novel
  • Romanticism
  • Book & Publishing History
  • The Gothic
  • Women Writers
  • Popular Fiction



Romantic Fiction and Literary Excess in the Minerva Press Era. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2023.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

“Botany Bay" in British Magazines, 1786–1791,” Eighteenth-Century Studies 54, no. 2 (Winter 2021), pp. 261-84. doi:10.1353/ecs.2021.0000.

“Imitation, Intertextuality, and The Minerva Press Novel,” Romantic Textualities: Literature and Print Culture, 1780-1840 23 (Summer 2020), pp. 149-167.

“Gothic Before Gothic: Minerva Press Reviews, Gender, and the Evolution of Genre,” in Women’s Authorship and the Early Gothic: Innovations and Legacies, ed. Kathleen Hudson, University of Wales Press, 2020, pp. 43-64.

“Sentiment and the Gothic: Failures of Emotion in the Novels of Mrs. Radcliffe and the Minerva Press,” in The Sentimental Novel in the Eighteenth Century, ed. Albert J. Rivero. Cambridge University Press, 2019, pp. 155-172. 

“‘This Lady is Descended from a Good Family’: Women and Biography in British Magazines, 1770–1798” in Women's Periodicals and Print Culture in Britain, 1690-1820s: The Long Eighteenth Century, ed. Jennie Batchelor and Manushag Powell. Edinburgh University Press, 2018, pp. 278-93.

“Byronic Advertising: Celebrity, Romantic Biography, and the London Magazine” in The European Romantic Review 27:6, 2016, pp. 747-767.

“Robert Bage’s Novel Merchandise: Commercialism, Gender, and Form in Late Eighteenth-Century Fiction,” in The Eighteenth-Century Novel, Vol. 9. New York: AMS Press, 2012, pp. 171-192.

Scholarly Editions and Introductions to Editions

Introduction to Count Roderic’s Castle (Minerva Press, 1794). Valancourt Books, 2017.

Edited Selections from Carlton-House Magazine, 1792 in Romantic Women Writers Reviewed, vol. 9, ed. Ann Hawkins. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2013, pp. 169-92.

Edited Selections from The Universal Magazine and Review, 1790 in Romantic Women Writers Reviewed, vol. 5, ed. Ann Hawkins. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2012, pp. 129-57.


“Romantic Lives, Romantic Archives,” Romantic Circles: Pedagogies (February 2020).


Review of Writing in Public: Literature and the Liberty of the Press in Eighteenth-Century Britain, by Trevor Ross(Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018). Eighteenth-Century Fiction 33.1 (2020), pp. 148-150.

Other Scholarship

“The English-Woman” (1808); “Celia in Search of a Husband” (1809); “Hours of Affluence and Days of Indigence” (1809); “The Alderman and the Peer” (1810); “The Englishman” (1812); “The English Exposé” (1814); “The Bachelor’s Journal” (1815); and “Genevieve; Or, the Orphan’s Visit.” In The Cambridge Guide to the Eighteenth-Century Novel, ed. April London. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming). 

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Courses Taught

  • ENG-141 Studies in British Literature
  • ENG-213 English Literature I
  • SF-H1167 Honors Fantasy Fiction
  • ENG-214 English Literature II
  • ENG-344 English Romantic Literature
  • ENG-H344 Honors English Romantic Literature
  • ENG-348 Jane Austen
  • SF-1167 Fantasy Fiction
  • ENG-389 History of the Book