Jennifer Martinez, PHD

Assistant Professor, Psychology

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  • PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • MA, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • BS, Florida State University

Specialty Areas

Mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies; adult anxiety disorders; oppression and discrimination; resilience factors; culturally responsive psychotherapy adaptations; community-based research and interventions.

My research focuses on anxiety and depression, with particular attention on contextual and systemic factors that impact the psychological wellness among individuals with minoritized identities. I also examine factors that contribute to inequities in mental health and treatment (e.g., experiences of discrimination, stigma, and systemic oppression), and focus on culturally adapted mindfulness-based interventions to address the needs and lived experiences of racially minoritized communities. My work is part of a larger goal to ensure that high quality, culturally sensitive evidence-based treatments are acceptable, accessible, and affordable in the service of eradicating mental health inequities, addressing the mental health costs of racism, and increasing representation within clinical psychology.

Selected Publications

  • Martinez, J.H., Suyemoto, K.L., Abdullah, T. et al. Mindfulness and Valued Living in the Face of Racism-Related Stress. Mindfulness (2022). 
  • Martinez, J.H., Eustis, E.H., Arbid, N., Graham-LoPresti, J.R., & Roemer, L. (2020). Experiential avoidance moderates the relation between racial discrimination and negative mental health outcomes. Journal of American College Health. DOI: 10.1080/07448481.2020.1754221
  • Jendrusina, A.A., & Martinez, J.H. (2019). Hello from the other side: Student of color perspectives in supervision Training and Education in Professional Psychology 13(3), 160-166.
  • Krill-Williston, S.C., Martinez, J.H., & Abdullah, T. (2019) Mental health stigma among people of color: Impact of racial discrimination and distress. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 65(6), 458-467.
  • Roemer, L., Martinez, J.H., Eustis, E.H., & Orsillo, S.M. (2017). Some current and future directions in Mindfulness- and Acceptance-based Behavioral therapies for Anxiety and related challenges: Identifying common factors and addressing specific contexts. The Clinical Psychologist, 70, 7-16.
  • Graham, J. R., West, L. M., Martinez, J.H., & Roemer, L. (2016). The mediating role of internalized racism in the relationship between racist experiences and anxiety symptoms in a Black American sample. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22(3), 369.
Jennifer Martinez

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