Jeff Johnson, PhD

Instructor, Philosophy

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Professor Jeffrey Johnson translated, edited, and introduced The Selected Works of Juan Donoso Cortés (Greenwood Press, 2000) and has written articles in the area of religious studies and political philosophy. He is currently working on a book that is to be titled The Curse of Power.


  • PhD, Boston College
  • MA, Holy Apostles College and Seminary
  • MA, University of Dallas
  • BA, University of Kansas

Areas of Specialization

  • Political and Social Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Religious Studies

Areas of Competence

  • History of Philosophy
  • Globalization
  • European and American History
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Courses Taught

  • PHIL-120 - Ethics and Civic Life
  • PHIL-H120 - A Honors Ethics and Civic Life
  • PHIL-123 - Social Ethics: The Good Life
  • PHIL-H123-C - Honors Social Ethics: The Good Life
  • PHIL-250 - Social & Political Philosophy
  • PHIL-280 - Fascisms
  • PPE-510 - Independent Study