Edgar Karapetian, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science

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  • PhD, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • MS/BS, Polytechnic Institute, Yerevan, Armenia

Research Interests

  • Mixed Boundary Value Problems and their Applications in Engineering Sciences
  • Theoretical and Computational Solid Mechanics
  • Fracture and Contact Mechanics
  • Mechanics and Micromechanics of Anisotropic Materials
  • Nanoelectromechanics of Piezoelectric Materials

Employment History

  • 2006-Present
    Research Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Suffolk University
  • 1997-2006
    Adjunct Professor Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Suffolk University
  • 1995-2001
    Senior Research Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University
  • 1988-1989
    CNC Shop Supervisor, Production of Aircraft Engine Parts, Tesamatec Inc., Montreal, Canada
  • 1985-1987
    Process Engineer, Company on Development and Manufacturing of Milling Machines, Yerevan (USSR)


  • Karapetian E., Kachanov M., Kalinin S.V., (2005), “Nanoelectromechanics of piezoelectric indentation and applications to Scanning Probe Microscopy of ferroelectric materials”, Philosophical Magazine, 85, pp. 1017-1051.
  • Kalinin S.V., Karapetian E., Kachanov M., (2004), “Nanoelectromechanics of Piezoresponse Force Microscopy”, Physical Review B, 70, pp. 184101-24.
  • Karapetian E., Kachanov M., Sevostianov I., (2002), "The Principle of Correspondence between Elastic and Piezoelectric Problems”, Archive of Applied Mechanics, 72, pp. 564-587.
  • Karapetian E., Sevostianov I., Kachanov M., (2000), "Point force and point electric charge in infinite and semi-infinite transversely isotropic piezoelectric solids", Philosophical Magazine B, 80, pp. 331-359.
  • Karapetian E., Kachanov M., (1996), "Three-dimensional interaction of a circular crack with dipoles, centers of dilatation and moments", International Journal of Solids & Structures, 33, pp. 3951-3967.
  • Fabrikant V.I., Rubin B.S., Karapetian E., (1995), "A half-plane crack under tangential load: a complete solution", Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 75, pp. 523-534.
  • Fabrikant V.I., Karapetian E., (1994), "Elementary exact method for solving mixed boundary-value problems of potential theory, with application to a half-plane contact and crack problems", Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics, 47, pp. 159-174.

Professional Activities

  • 2005-present, Visiting Research Staff Member, Condensed Matter Science Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Reviewer: Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, International Journal of Solids & Structures, Philosophical Magazine, Mathematics & Mechanics of Materials

Current Grants Support

  • Nanoelectromechanics of Piezoelectric Indentation and Applications to Scanning Probe Microscopies, Co-Principal Investigator, Source: NSF
  • Electromechanical response of a surface with arbitrary anisotropy using linear plane wave theory, Principal Investigator, Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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  • Precalculus for the Life Sciences
  • Topics in Finite Mathematics
  • Calculus for Management and Social Sciences
  • Calculus for the Life Sciences