Katerina Gonzalez, PhD

Assistant Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Katerina Gonzalez is an Assistant Professor of Management at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University, where she teaches graduate- and undergraduate-level courses in the areas of management and organizational behavior. Her research interests include the psychology of change, supervisor-employee relations, and social inclusion/exclusion in organizations.

She investigates how and why people respond to, initiate, and manage change in their work lives. She is also interested in how individuals can facilitate change within organizations and erode barriers to positive change. She employs quantitative methods (e.g., surveys, experiments, meta-analytic techniques) in the field, in the lab, and using archival datasets to examine research questions. Her research has appeared in journals such as Personnel Psychology, Human Relations, Management Decision. and Group & Organization Management. She also serves on the review board of The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science


Recent Intellectual Contributions

Kanitz, R., Gonzalez, K., Briker, R., & Straatmann, T. (2023). Augmenting organizational change and strategy activities: Leveraging generative artificial intelligence. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.

  • Invited essay for Special Forum: The Race Alongside the Machine in Developing Organizations

McCartney, J., Franczak, J., Gonzalez, K., Hall., A., Hockwarter, Jordan, S., W., Wikhamn., W., Kahn, A.K. & Babalola, M. (2023). Supervisor off-work boundary infringements: Perspective-taking as a resource for after-hours intrusionsWork & Stress.

Kanitz, R., Gonzalez, K., Berger, S. Reinwald, M., Huettermann, H., & Franczak, J. (2022). Am I the only one? The consequences of change championing asymmetry on group- and individual-level change outcomesJournal of Organizational Behavior.

Gonzalez, K., Portocarrero, F., & Ekema-Agbaw, M. (2022). Disposition activation during organizational change: A meta-analysis. Personnel Psychology

Kanitz, R., & Gonzalez, K. (2021). Are we stuck in the predigital age? Embracing technology-mediated change management in organizational change research. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 57(4), 447-458.

  • Invited essay for Special Forum: The Future of Research on Organizational Change

Gonzalez, K., Tillman, C.J., & Holmes, J.J. (2020). Coming home: Why veterans with disabilities withhold workplace accommodation requests. Human Relations. 73(10), 1439-1466.

Portocarrero, F., Gonzalez, K., & Ekema-Agbaw, M. (2020). A meta-analytic review of the relationship between dispositional gratitude and well-being. Personality and Individual Differences. 164.

Gonzalez, K. & Winkler., C. (2019). The entrepreneurial breaking point: Undergoing moments of crisis. Management Decision, 57(11), 2853-2868.

Gigliotti, R., Marshall, D., Vardaman, J., & Gonzalez, K. (2019). The role of perceived organizational support in individual change readiness. Journal of Change Management, 19(2), 86-100.

Ogbonnaya, C., Tillman, C.J., & Gonzalez, K. (2018). Perceived organizational support in healthcare: The importance of teamwork and training for employee well-being and patient satisfaction. Group & Organization Management, 43(3), 475-503.

Tillman, C.J., Gonzalez, K., Crawford, W.S., & Lawrence, E.R. (2018). Affective responses to abuse in the workplace: The role of hope and affective commitment in the abusive supervision-turnover relationship. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 26(1), 57-65.

  • International Journal of Selection and Assessment - Top cited paper for 2019.

Tillman, C.J., Gonzalez, K., Whitman, M., Crawford, W.C., & Hood, A.C. (2018). A multi-functional view of moral disengagement: exploring the effects of learning the consequences. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 2286.

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