Mark Lehrer, PhD

Professor, Strategy and International Business

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The research and teaching interests of Mark Lehrer fall at the intersection of high technology, strategy and international business. As a Fulbright scholar to Germany and Israel in 2020 (extended to 2021 due to the pandemic), Professor Lehrer shuttled back and forth between Potsdam/Berlin and Tel Aviv/Jerusalem to study the construction of high-tech media hub around film studios and other cultural institutions. Professor Lehrer has developed a unique MBA course, MBA 710 Understanding World Class Clusters, which focuses on the special economics and social relations of large metropolitan areas like Boston. He has circa 50 peer-reviewed publications covering a wide variety of subjects around the topics of R&D, innovation, German business, family firms, and multinational corporations. He is also the author of the weekly Wall Street Journal Instructor’s Review in Strategic Management, accessible and delivered online to hundreds of management educators who adopt the Wall Street Journal in their classes.

Honors and Recognitions

  • Fulbright Global Fellowship Award to Israel and Germany, 2020-21

Professional Activities

  • Editorial Board, Journal of International Management (since 2013)
  • Author, Wall Street Journal Instructor’s Review in Strategic Management (since 2001)


Recent Intellectual Contributions

2021 Sokol Celo and Mark Lehrer, How Much Lateral Collaboration is Optimal? Insights from Computer Simulations of MNEs as Complex Adaptive Systems. Journal of World Business, forthcoming.

2021 Mark Lehrer and Stefan Schmid, Keeping it Personal While Growing the Business: the German Mittelstand Approach. Journal of Business Strategy, forthcoming.

2020 Mark Lehrer and Lydia Segal, The Stewardship Organization: Essential Characteristics and Conditions of Feasibility American Journal of Business, 35 (3-4) 175-190.

2020 Mark Lehrer and Stefan Schmid, Strategic Discipline: Inconspicuous Lessons from Germanic Mittelstand Firms. Journal of Business Strategy, 41 (4) 3-9.

2019 Whitney Douglas Fernandez, Yannick Thams, and Mark Lehrer, What Does Board Capital Really Bring to the Table?. American Journal of Business, 34 (3/4) 134-147.

2019 Mark Lehrer and Stefan Schmid, Family Firms Taking Surprising Risks: Building Success on Conservative Values. Journal of Business Strategy, 40 (5) 21-27.

2017 Mark Lehrer, Preeta M. Banerjee, and Kim Wang, When the Sky is the Limit on Scale: From Temporal to Multiplicative Scaling in Process-Based Technologies. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 117, 151-159.

2017 Kim Wang, Lihong Qian, and Mark Lehrer, From Technology Race to Technology Marathon: A Behavioral Explanation of Technology Advancement. European Management Journal, 35 (2) 187-197.

2017 Mark Lehrer and Sokol Celo, Boundary-Spanning and Boundary-Buffering in Global Markets: A German Perspective on the Internationalization of Family Firms. Review of International Business and Strategy, 27 (2) 161-179.

2016 Mark Lehrer and Sokol Celo, German Family Capitalism in the 21st Century: Patient Capital Between Bifurcation and Symbiosis. Socioeconomic Review, 14 (4) 729-750.

2016 Mark Lehrer, Preeta M. Banerjee, and Kim Wang, The Improvement Trajectory of PCR DNA Replication and ERP Software as General Purpose Technologies: An Exploratory Study of "Anchor Technologies.Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 28 (3) 290-304.

2015 Mark Lehrer and Stefan Schmid, Germany’s Industrial Family Firms: Prospering Islands of Social Capital in Financialized World?. Competition and Change, 19 (4) 301-316.

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SIB101: Globalization
SIB419: Senior Capstone in International Business
MBA710: Understanding World Class Clusters

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  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology