Montgomery Link, PhD

Associate Professor, Philosophy

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  • PhD, Boston University
  • MTS, Boston University
  • BA, University of Pennsylvania


  • “An Aspect of Kurt Goedel’s Basic Philosophical Outlook”. In Gabriella Crocco and Eva-Maria Engelen, eds., Kurt Goedel: Philosopher-Scientist. Aix en Provence: Presses Universitaires de Provence, 2015.

  • “Relations Operationalized”. With David Rollow. In Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society 39, 143—145.

  • “A Background Condition in Leibniz’s Philosophy”. In R. Pisano, M. Fichant, P. Bussotti, and A.R.E. Oliveira, eds., The Dialogue between Sciences, Philosophy and Engineering. New Historical and Epistemological Insights. Homage to Gottfried W. Leibniz, 1646—1716. London: College Publications.

  • “Hintikka and the ‘Functions of Logic’”. Logica Universalis 13, 203—217.

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Courses Taught

  • Phil 113, Critical Thinking

  • Phil 115, Introduction to Philosophy

  • Phil 119, Ethics

  • Phil 123, Social Ethics

  • Phil 127, Contemporary Moral Issues

  • Phil 211, History of Modern Philosophy

  • Phil 212, Formal Logic

  • Phil 267, Chinese Philosophy

  • Phil 414, Bertrand Russell

  • Phil 423, Advanced Formal Logic