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Research Professor of Law

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Bar Admittance

  • MA
  • WV
  • NE
  • U.S. Supreme Court


Dep. Public Defender, Lancaster County Public Defender Office, Lincoln, 1980-83; Staff Attorney, Nebraska Advocacy Services, Lincoln, 1983-84; Private Practice, Sole, Lincoln, 1983-84; Supervisory Attorney, Civil Clinical Program - Nebraska, Lincoln, 1983; Director, 1984; Visiting Assistant Professor, Nebraska, 1984-85; Assistant Professor, West Virginia University, 1985-88; Associate Professor, 1988-90; Professor, 1990-92; Visiting Professor, Boston University, 1992-93; Visiting Professor, Suffolk, 1993-94; Professor, since 1994; Research Associate, Five Colleges Women’s Studies Center, 2005-2006; Fellow, Brandeis University Women’s Studies Center, 2009.  

Professional Activities

Member, Order of the Coif. 


Book Chapters

"Bad Mothers" and Welfare Reform in Massachusetts: The Case of Clarabel Ventura, in FEMINISM, MEDIA AND THE LAW (Martha A. Fineman and Martha T. McCluskey eds., 1997)

Poststructuralism and Feminist Jurisprudence, in LEGAL STUDIES AS CULTURAL STUDIES (Jerry Leonard ed., 1995)

Postmodernism, Legal Ethics and Representation of "Bad Mothers", in MOTHERS IN LAW: FEMINIST THEORY AND THE LEGAL REGULATION OF MOTHERHOOD (Martha A. Fineman and Isabel Karpin eds., 1995)

The Bell Jar and the Ghost of Ethel Rosenburg, in SECRET AGENTS: THE ROSENBERG CASE, MCCARTHYISM AND FIFTIES AMERICA (Marjorie B. Garber and Rebecca L. Walkowitz eds., 1995)


Hosanna-Tabor, the Ministerial Exemption, and Losses of Equality: Constitutional Law and Religious Privilege in the U.S., 2 OXFORD J.L. & RELIGION (2015).

Realities of Religio-Legalism: Religious Courts and Women's Rights in canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, 20 U.C. DAVIS J. INT'L. L. & POL'Y 139 (2014) (with Anissa Helie)

Philosphy, Feeling, and American Novels: An Essay on Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 37 LEGAL STUD. F. , SUPP. 1 63 (2013)

Multiculturalist Liberalism and Harms to Women: Looking Through the Issue of "The Veil", 19 U.C. DAVIS J. INT'L. L & POL'Y 101 (2012)

Women's Wrongs, Religions' Rights: Women, Free Exercise, and Establishment in American Law, 21 TEMP. POL. & CIV. RTS. L. REV. 163 (2011)

Privacy and Prurience: An Essay on American Law, Religion, and Women, 51 AM. J. LEGAL HIST. 461 (2011)

Beyond Nomos and Narrative: Unconverted Antinomianism in the Work of Susan Howe, 18 YALE J.L. & FEMINISM 101 (2006)

Limits of Tolerance: Law and Religion after "The Anti-Christ", 24 CARDOZO L. REV. 587 (2003)

Church-State Relations in Crisis: Debating Neutrality, LAW & POL. BOOK REV. (2002)

Prison-House of Prison-Houses: Incarceration in Theory and in Practice, 53 RUTGERS L. REV. 437 (2001)

Child Abuse: A Proflem for Feminist Theory, 2 TEX. J. WOMEN & L. 75 (1993) (with Naomi Cahn)

"Bad Mothers," "Good Lawyers," and "Legal Ethics", 81 :7 GEORGETOWN L.J. (1993)

The "Bad Mother" in Law and Literature: A Problem of Representation, 43 HASTINGS L.J. (1992)

Abortion of Narrative: A Reading of the Judgment of Solomon, 4 YALE J.L. & FEMINISM 81 (1991)

Inventing Choreographies: Deconstruction and Feminism, 90 COLUMBIA L. REV. 1123 (1990) (book review)

Zig-Zag Stitching and the Seamless Web: Thoughts on "Reproduction" and Law, 13 NOVA L. REV. 355 (1989)

Law-Language of Maternity: Discourse Holding Nature in Contempt, 22 NEW ENG. L. REV. 521 (1988)

Conversation and Abortion, a Review Essay on Mary Ann Glendon,Abortion and Divorce in Western Law, 82 NW. U.L. REV. 387 (1988)

Mind's Opportunity: Birthing a Poststructuralist Feminist Jurisprudence, 38 SYRACUSE L. REV. 1129 (1987)

Shorter Writings

At Work in the House of the Law, 59 University of Colorado Law Review, No. 2, 1988.   


  • BA, Clark University
  • MA, Tufts University
  • JD, University of Nebraska
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