Carlos Monteiro, PhD

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice

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Carlos Monteiro joined Suffolk University in Fall 2017. Before transitioning to Suffolk, he was a senior research associate at Northeastern University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Dr. Monteiro’s research centers on corrections and reentry with interests on deportations and other collateral consequences of criminal convictions. His more recent work examines correctional environments including a focus on the demands of correctional contexts on staff and officers. His current projects include the first ever longitudinal study of correctional officer wellbeing and suicide, a National Institute of Justice funded study. Additionally, Dr. Monteiro is a co-principal investigator leading a unique examination of the social and psychological adjustment of juveniles sentenced to life in prison, with the hopes of identifying a juvenile lifer’s risk factors as they may relate to recidivism.

At the local level, Dr. Monteiro works with the Boston Public Health Commission and the Cape Verdean Association of Boston on developing responses to violence in neighborhoods most affected by gun violence. One of his more recent publications on this issue, contextualized youths’ perception of neighborhood safety from a youth-centered perspective of native born and immigrant youth living in a police-defined ‘hot spot’ neighborhood in Boston, U.S.A. Relatedly, he also published a book chapter that reviewed research related to U.S. deportation policies specific to criminal court proceedings.

With combined expertise in education and criminal justice policy, Carlos’s research has long centered on the factors affecting access to, and quality of, education for young adults of color. Today, his scholarly interests are still tied to race, ethnicity, and educational access, particularly as those interact to produce disparate outcomes across the criminal justice system and within corrections specifically. Carlos’ decision to join the faculty at Suffolk was relatedly influenced by his upbringing in the City of Boston, where he grew up upon emigrating with his family from Cape Verde.


  • PhD, Northeastern University
  • MA, University of Connecticut
  • BS, Westfield State College

Research Interests

  • Correctional systems
  • Punishment and the impacts of prison and prisonization
  • Communities and crime
  • Reentry and collateral consequences of criminal convictions


Conference Presentations

  • Monteiro, Carlos, Kayla Bates, Heather Patterson, and Jennie Wang
    (2023) Insights from Officer Training Academy. Presented at The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. 60th Annual Meeting Avenues of Change: Integrating Research Advocacy and Education
  • Monteiro, Carlos, Heather Patterson, Simon Singer, and Stuti Kokkalera
    (2023) The Reentering Lives of Juvenile Lifers. Presented at The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. 60th Annual Meeting Avenues of Change: Integrating Research Advocacy and Education
  • Bond, Brenda, Karen Blum, Frank Cooper, Lucius Couloute, and Carlos Monteiro
    (2023) Black and Blue: Policing Reform in the 21st Century. University Panel on Policing. Suffolk University
  • Monteiro, Carlos
    (2023) Panel Discussion on the State of the Cape Verdean Community: Dialugu Ku Jovens, Prufisionais Jovens, Empreendedoris Novus, Y Donus Di Negosius. Boston Catholic Charities Center.
  • Monteiro, Carlos, Kayla Bates, and Natasha Frost
    (2022) Turning Points in Correction Officer Careers: Findings from a Cohort of New Recruits. Presented at American Society of Criminology, Atlanta. 2022 Annual Meeting Theme: The Future of Criminology
  • Frost, Natasha, Stacie St. Louis, Carlos Monteiro, and Jessica Trapassi
    (2021)  Proximity to Suicide and Mental Health Outcomes among Correction Officers. Presented at American Society of Criminology, Chicago. 76th Annual Meeting American Society of Criminology
  • Monteiro, Carlos
    (2021) Supervisors Perceptions of Correction Officer Stress, Wellbeing, and Suicide. Presented at American Society of Criminology, Chicago. 76th Annual Meeting American Society of Criminology

Grants, Awards and Funded Projects

  • (2016) Co-Principal Investigator/Project Director: The Impact of Correctional Officer Suicide on the Institutional Environment and on the Wellbeing of Correctional Employees (January 2017-December 2020). Co-Principal Investigator (with Natasha Frost). National Institute of Justice Grant #2016-MU-MU-0010.
  • (2015) Co-Principal Investigator/Project Director: Measuring the Effects of Correctional Officer Stress on the Well-Being of the Officer and the Prison Workplace and Developing a Practical Index of Officer Stress for Use by Correctional Agencies (August 2015-July 2017). Subcontract to Northeastern University. National Institute of Justice Grant 2014-IJ-CX-0026 to Arizona State University.
  • (2015) Consultant on Administrative Segregation in U.S. Prison National Institute of Justice. United States Department of Justice. Washington DC.
  • (2015) Consultant on Prison and Education as Proxies of Neighborhood Disadvantage Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice. Harvard University. Boston MA.
  • (2015) Recipient of the 2015 Dissertation Completion Fellowship from Northeastern University.
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  • CJ-692-AE Criminal Justice Policy
  • CJ-701-AE Seminar in Crime & Justice
  • CJ-681-AE Crime and Communities
  • SOC-214-A Research Methods in Sociology
  • SOC-234-A Crime & Justice
  • CJU-134-A Intro to Criminal Justice
  • CJU-204-W1 Communities and Crime
  • CJU-302-W1 Global Criminology