Benjamin Ngugi, PhD

Associate Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management

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Dr. Benjamin Ngugi received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Nairobi, Kenya. He conducts his research in the areas of Technology innovation and adoption, Cyber security & privacy, and business intelligence. He has published his research in journals including Decision Support Systems, Journal of End User Computing, International Journal of Information Security and Privacy, Fordham Law Review, The Case Journal and The ACM Journal of Data Quality.


Recent Intellectual Contributions

Ngugi, B., Hung, K.-T., Li, Y. (in press) Reducing Tax Identity Theft by Identifying Vulnerability Points in the Electronic Tax Filing Process.

Ngugi, B., Elliot, E., Blankson, C. (2020). Toward a conceptual framework explaining the strategic factors responsible for mobile product innovation success in an emerging African market. Thunderbird International Business Review, 63 (3), 303-317.

Esi Abbam Elliot, Benjamin Ngugi, & Charles A. Malgwi. (2018). Mitigating microfinance marketing channels inefficiencies with customerization of mobile technology. International Marketing Review, 35(4), 619–636.

Ngugi, B., Kimani,, F., Mwangi, S., Kwasa, B., Kusow, A., Chen, J., Cademartiri, R., Thuo, M. (2017). Rethinking the Design of Low-Cost Point-of-Care Diagnostic Devices. Micromachines, 8(11), 317.

Ngugi, B. K., Harrington, B., Porcher, E. N., & Wamai, R. G. (2019). Data quality shortcomings with the US HIV/AIDS surveillance system. HEALTH INFORMATICS JOURNAL, 25(2), 304–314.

Wu, D., Ngugi, B., & Moody, G. D. (2016). Identifying new temporal coordination requirements for calendar systems through a temporal structure lens. Computers in Human Behavior, 64, 728–738.

Pelowski, M., Wamai, R., Wangombe, J., Nyakundi, H., Oduwo, G., Ngugi, B., Ogembo, J. (2016). How Would Children Register Their Own Births? Insights from a Survey of Students Regarding Birth Registration Knowledge and Policy Suggestions in Kenya. PLoS ONE, 11(3), 1-20.

Elliot, E., Ngugi, B., Bao, Y. (2016). Diversity by Design: Analogizing and Formative Investigation across Disciplines and Cultures. Journal of Marketing Management, 3(1).

Pelowski, M. J., Wamai, R. G., Wangombe, J., Nyakundi, H., Oduwo, G. O., Ngugi, B., Ogembo, J. G. (2015). Why don't you register your child? A study of attitudes and factors affecting birth registration in Kenya. Journal of Development Studies, 51(7), 881-904.

Intellectual Contributions

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ISOM210: Management Information Systems
ISOM240: Data Privacy and Compliance
ISOM340: Global Cyber Security Principles
ISOM840: Security and Privacy

Degrees/Professional Certifications
  • PhD, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • BSc, University of Nairobi
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association