Suzyn Ornstein, PhD

Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

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Professor Ornstein has served on the faculty of the Sawyer Business School since 1987. During this time she has designed and delivered over 20 new courses to undergraduate, graduate, and executive students. During the past 10 years most of these courses have been aimed at students interested in entrepreneurship. She was a founding member of an early internet marketing services company and consulted to many start-ups as well as participated as an advisor with the SCORE program of the SBA. She has served as the department chair, chair of the Faculty Senate, co-founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship and numerous other leadership positions. Her research interests are eclectic ranging from career management to emotional intelligence to most recently a paper about how entrepreneurs may prepare for doomsday scenarios.

Honors and Recognitions

  • Dean’s Award of Excellence for Service (1989)
  • Dean’s Award of Excellence for Teaching (1993)
  • Best Teaching Case Award for “Cleaning Up at Dining In”, presented at USASBE, 2015


Recent Intellectual Contributions

Bendell, B., Sullivan, D. S., Ornstein, S. (2020) How Fear of a “Looming Megacatastrophe” Alters Rates of Entrepreneurial Activity through Psychological Distance. Academy of Management Perspectives, 34(4), 585-602.

Lam, C. F., Rees, L., Levesque, L., Ornstein, S. (2018). Shooting from the Hip: A Habit Perspective of Voice. Academy of Management Review. 43(3), 470-486.

Intellectual Contributions

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Courses Taught

MBA730: Innovative Mindset
MGES843: Business Opportunities through Design Thinking
MGOB810: Emotional Intelligence
ENT350: Social Entrepreneurship

Degrees/Professional Certifications

  • BA, University of Michigan
  • PhD, Ohio State University