Sukanya Ray, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology

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  • PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • MPhil, Utkal University
  • MA, Utkal University
  • BA, Utkal University

Specialty Areas

Health Disparities, Barriers and Access to Healthcare Issues, Body Image/Eating Problems Across Ethnic Groups, Asian Mental Health Risks and Use of Alternative Healthcare Practices, Relationship Dynamics and Empowerment Across Contexts, Adversity, Positive Adaptation and Post-Traumatic Growth.

My current research projects aim to engage in mixed-method approach to explore various psychosocial and contextual factors concerning health risks issues and psychological wellbeing among adults across diverse ethnic groups in the following areas. The first project intends to address health disparities, perceived barriers/access to healthcare services among Asian and marginalized ethnic groups. The second project aims to explore mental health risks, utilization of alternative healthcare practice and psychological wellbeing among adults from underrepresented ethnic communities. The third project intends to evaluate complex dynamics of psychological/social adversity, loss, post-traumatic growth and empowerment among women and members of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Next project aims to examine the role of psychological, relational and cultural contexts in shaping body image/eating problems and adaptation pattern among adults. Finally, the cyberpsychology project attempts to examine both the individual and cultural variations among users’ preferences for use of mobile tools and/or online/virtual platforms (social/professional network) and their perceived impact on health risks/wellbeing domains across contexts including COVID-19 pandemic.

Selected Publications

  • Harkins, DA., Ray, S., Sharicz, C., Doppler-Bourassa, E., Austin, M., Ronayne, M., Mehta, C.M., Nyugen, J., and Pimentel-Eye, J.H. (2013). Beyond the campus: Building a sustainable university-community partnership. NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.
  • Jackson, M., Ray, S., & Bybell, D. (2013). International students in the United States: Correlates of sociocultural adjustment and psychological well-being. Journal of International Students.
  • Mizock, L, Harkins, DA., Ray, S, & Morant, R. (2011) Researcher race in narrative interviews on traumatic racism. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 20(1), 39-56.
  • Bernardes, C., Ray, S., & Harkins, D. (2009). An exploratory study of resilience and coping strategies among Portuguese-speaking immigrant women survivors of domestic violence. American Journal of Psychological Research. 1 (5), 81-96.
  • Creedon, M.T., Ray, S., & Harkins, D. (2009). Role of peer teasing in body image disturbance and eating problems among women. American Journal of Psychological Research. 1(5), 111-130.

Book Chapters

  • Ray, S. & Arntz, D. (2021). Perceived discrimination in healthcare settings among Filipino Americans. In J.L, Chin, Y.E. Garcia, & A. Blume (Eds.), Psychology of Inequality. CA: Praeger Publishers.
  • Ray, S., Robins, H. & Kozlowsky, S. (2021). Learning the role of values in social justice focused helping. In Harkins, D.A., Kozak, K., Grenier, L., & Shea, L.M. (Eds.), Helping promotes social justice. NY: Routledge Press.
  • Harkins, D., Ray, S. (2017). Exploring values, power and social identity in serving. Alongside Community: Learning in service. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

Conference Presentations

  • Ray, S., Dumas, C., Kamely, M., Mellen, S., Cole, C., Liu, Y., Chen, R., Ma, Z. (2019, September). Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration in Experiential Learning Projects and Impact Areas. Presentation at the New England Psychological Association Annual Conference, Manchester, NH.
  • Steinhilber, K., Ray, S., Liu, Y., & Cole, C (2019, August) Do Families Raise Empowered Women? Poster presentation at APA Annual Convention, Chicago, MA.
  • Driscoll, B., Ray, S., Cole, C., Liu, Y. & Camargo, T. (2018, November). Understanding the Multifaceted Challenges in Addressing Body Image Issues Among Women: A Contextual Perspective. Presentation at New England Psychological Association Conference, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.

  • Ray, S. (2018, September). Stigma, Discrimination and Access to Mental Health Services: An Overview of Research and Clinical Implications. Presented at Inaugural Conference on Integrative and Holistic Approaches to Mental Health Care for Asians, WJ College, Newton, MA. 

  • Ramanayake, N., Ray, S., Sienkewicz, M., Ozit, S. (2018, August). Why should we study Asian women’s body image issues? Poster abstract presentation at Annual American Psychological Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.

  • Ray, S., Arntz, D., Liu, Y., Lee, J., Cole, C. (2018, June). Understanding Health Care needs and Barriers among Immigrant Asians: An Overview of Research Perspectives and Implications for Practice. Presented at AAPI Feminist Psychology Inaugural

  • Ramanayake, N., Ray, S., Bonilla, C. & Toth, I (2017, August). Do Asians prefer complementary and alternative medicine? A meta-analysis. Poster presentation at Annual American Psychological Association Conference, Washington DC.

  • Kaitz, J.E., Ray, S., Cole, C. (2017, August). Barriers in Addressing Body Image Issues in Primary Care: An Overview of Women's Narratives. Poster presented at American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Society for the Psychology of Women (Division 35), Washington, D.C.

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Courses Taught

  • PSYCH-247-A Asian Persp on Health & Work
  • PSYCH-334-A Adolescent Development
  • PSYCH-510-B Independent Study
  • PSYCH-219-SL SL-Psychology of Trauma
  • PSYCH-428-A Senior Capstone
  • PSYCH-243-A Organizational Psychology
  • PSYCH-712-W1 Multicultural Psychology
  • PSYCH-H555-B Honors Research
  • PSYCH-226-A Theories of Personality