Sukanya Ray, PhD

Associate Professor, Psychology

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  • PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • MPhil, Utkal University
  • MA, Utkal University
  • BA, Utkal University

Specialty Areas

Immigrant/Ethnic Minority Communities and Health Risk Factors; Asian Mental Health Risks/Health Disparity issues; Diversity/Multicultural Psychology; Body image issues/Eating Problems; Trauma; Resiliency & Empowerment; Positive Psychology; Cyberpsychology

My current research projects aim to investigate health risk issues among adolescents and adults across cultures and ethnic communities in the following areas. The first project intends to address self /cultural identity, acculturative stresses, socio-emotional adjustment patterns and mental health risks among Asian immigrants and other ethnic minority immigrant communities. Specifically, this project evaluates variations in self-orientations, values, health disparity and healthcare issues across diverse ethnic groups. The second project attempts to examine the psychological, relational dynamics (family and peers) and socio-cultural correlates of body image dissatisfaction, depressive mood and eating problems. I am interested to examine the role of psychological, familial, peer and cultural contexts in shaping maladaptive eating patterns among adolescents/adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The third project intends to evaluate the complex dynamics of loss/trauma (psychological and community), resiliency, adaptation and empowerment patterns among diverse ethnic groups. This research project seeks to also address mental health risks, healthcare needs and wellbeing factors among diverse ethnic communities through multi method and community based approaches. Finally, the cyberpsychology project attempts to examine both the individual and cultural variations among Internet users’ online behavior (communication, social network) and offline (emotion, relationship, health issues) characteristics.


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  • Jackson, M., Ray, S., & Bybell, D. (2013). International students in the United States: Correlates of sociocultural adjustment and psychological well-being. Journal of International Students.
  • Mizock, L, Harkins, DA., Ray, S, & Morant, R. (2011) Researcher race in narrative interviews on traumatic racism. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 20(1), 39-56.
  • Bernardes, C., Ray, S., & Harkins, D. (2009). An exploratory study of resilience and coping strategies among Portuguese-speaking immigrant women survivors of domestic violence. American Journal of Psychological Research. 1 (5), 81-96.
  • Creedon, M.T., Ray, S., & Harkins, D. (2009). Role of peer teasing in body image disturbance and eating problems among women. American Journal of Psychological Research. 1(5), 111-130.
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Courses Taught

  • PSYCH 219 - The Psychology of Trauma
  • PSYCH 243 - Organizational Psychology
  • PSYCH 247 - Asian Perspectives on Health and Work
  • PSYCH 408 - Senior Capstone: History and Systems of Psychology
  • PSYCH 712 - Multicultural Psychology