Maria Serraino

Practitioner in Residence, Advertising, Public Relations & Social Media

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Maria Serraino is an instructor in the ADPR department teaching social media and public relations. For the past four years she has worked as the Public Relations Coordinator in the City of Revere Recreation Department. There she was able to build the department’s communication and social media plans. She was also responsible for building and managing the department’s website. In conjunction it was also her responsibility to plan and manage over six citywide events per year. Maria continues assisting the city in the form as a sitting member on the board of directors for RevereTV.

In addition to her city experience, Maria has volunteered with many organizations through Suffolk University’s Center for Community Engagement. There she also managed all social media accounts including the assisting of promotional items. She hopes to one day continue her education and receive her PhD in communication.


  • MA, Suffolk University in Public Relations & Advertising
  • BA, Suffolk University in Public Relations

Research Interests

  • Social media and its impact on television programs
  • Crisis communication and the entertainment industry
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Courses Taught

  • ADPR-229 - The Dark Side of Social Media
  • ADPR-289 - Social Media
  • ADPR-360 - Lifestyles PR: Entertainment
  • ADPR-389 - Social Media Marketing Comm
  • ADPR-409 - Content Management
  • ADPR-491 - St: Influencer Mktg Commun.
  • ADPR-491 - The Dark Side of Social Media
  • ADPR-510 - Independent Study
  • ADPR-691 - Special Topics - Sm Campaigns
  • ADPR-772 - Social Media
  • ADPR-774 - Influencer Marketing
  • ADPR-782 - Social Media Campaigns
  • CAS-202 - Prof Dev on Social Media