Maria Toyoda, PhD

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor, Government

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  • BA, Human Biology, Stanford University, with Honors in Values, Technology, Science and Society
  • MA, Government, Georgetown University
  • PhD, Government, Georgetown University

Research Interests

  • Financial liberalization mechanisms
  • Reform of government financial institutions
  • Development banking and foreign aid
  • Editor, The Japanese Political Economy
  • Political Economy of Finance
  • East Asian Economy and Politics
  • Foreign Aid
  • Japanese Politics


  • 2012. With Dennis Quinn and Martin Schindler. "Measuring Capital And Financial Current Account Openness." In The Evidence and Impact of Financial Globalization, Gerald Caprio, Ed.; Stijn Classens and Sergio Smuckler, Section Eds. Academic Press (Elsevier).
  • 2011. With Dennis Quinn and Martin Schindler. "Assessing Measures of Financial Openness and Integration" IMF Economic Review 59(3):488-522.
  • 2011. "Reforming Japan's Government Financial Institutions," Chapter 6 in The Evolution of Japan's Party System: Politics and Policy in an Era of Institutional Change. Leonard Schoppa, Ed. University of Toronto Press.
  • With Quinn, Dennis P. 2008. "Does Capital Account Liberalization Lead to Growth?" Review of Financial Studies, 21(3) May 2008: 1403-1449.
  • With Quinn, Dennis P. 2007. "Ideology and Voter Preferences as Determinants of Financial Globalization." American Journal of Political Science 51(2) (April): 344-363.
  • With Quinn, Dennis P. 2007. "Global Ideology and Voter Sentiment as Determinants of International Financial Liberalization." In The Diffusion of Neoliberalism. Eds., Beth Simmons, Frank Dobbin, and Geoff Garrett, Cambridge University Press.
  • With Jennifer Amyx and Harukata Takenaka. 2005. "The Politics of Postal Savings Reform in Japan. " Asian Perspective, vol. 29, No. 1, 23-48.
  • 2005. "Capital Flows: the Impact on East Asia 's Major Economies. " In From Crisis to Opportunity: Financial Globalization and East Asian Capitalism, Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, eds. Jongryn Mo, Yonsei University and Daniel I. Okimoto, Stanford University.
  • With Aiji Tanaka. 2002. "Religion and Politics in Japan. " The One, the Few and the Many: Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective, eds. Ted Jelen and Clyde Wilcox. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2001. "Malaysia: Ethnic Cleavages and Controlled Liberalization. " The Political Economy of Liberalization, Crisis and Response, eds. Shale Horowitz and Uk Kim. Boulder, CO: Rowman and Littlefield.


  • 2014-15 Social Science Research Council Abe Fellowship
  • 2012 Japan Foundation Study Travel Grant
  • 2011 Northeast Asia Council/Japan-US Friendship Commission Travel Grant
  • 2011 Center for Global Leadership, Villanova School of Business Travel Grant
  • 2010 Villanova College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant
  • 2010 Center for Global Partnership/Center for Strategic and International Studies Japan Fellow, Washington, DC
  • 2009 Association for Asian Studies Council on Conferences Outreach Grant
  • 2009 Villanova University Faculty Development Grant
  • 2008, 2009 International Monetary Fund, Research Department, Nonresident Visiting Scholar
  • 2006-07 Council on Foreign Relations, International Affairs Fellow, Japan (Sponsored by the Hitachi Corporation)
  • 2007 Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Project Evaluation Department, Tokyo, Japan, Visiting Researcher
  • 2006 Shibusawa Foundation Conference Grant
  • 2004, 2005 ICSEAD Research Grant
  • 2004 Shibusawa Foundation Research Grant
  • 1995-1997 1995-1997 Monbusho Fellowship awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Education
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