Bryan Trabold, PhD

Associate Professor & Chair, English

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  • PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • MA, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • BA, George Washington University

Research Interests

  • Rhetoric and history of the South African and international anti-apartheid movement
  • ​Rhetorical theory
  • Literacy studies
  • Composition theory



  • Rhetorics of Resistance: Opposition Journalism in Apartheid South Africa. University of Pittsburgh Press. 2018.
  • Literacy, Economy, and Power: Writing and Research Ten Years after Literacy in American Lives. Edited collection. John Duffy, Julie Nelson Christoph, Eli Goldblatt, Nelson Graff, Rebecca S. Nowacek, and Bryan Trabold. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2014.

Articles and Selected Essays

  • "'A Willingness to Put a Knife in Its Own Back': Advertising, Self-Censorship, and the Weekly Mail's Resistance in Apartheid South Africa." African Journalism Studies. (September, 2017). 159-177.
  • “Historical Narratives as a Rhetoric of Resistance in Apartheid South Africa: The History Workshop and the New Nation.” South African Historical Journal. 62.4 (December, 2010): 735-752.
  • “Walking the Cliff’s Edge: New Nation’s Rhetoric of Resistance in Apartheid South Africa.” College Composition and Communication. 61.2 (December, 2009) w100-w124.
  • “’Hiding Our Snickers’: Weekly Mail Journalists’ Indirect Resistance in Apartheid South Africa” College English 68.4 (March, 2006): 382-406.
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Courses Taught

  • WRI 102 First Year Writing II
  • WRI H103 Advanced First Year Writing
  • ENG 135 World Literature in English
  • ENG 153 Literature of War
  • ENG 218 American Literature II
  • ENG 301 Literary Criticism Seminar (Orwell)
  • ENG 320 Writing and Tutoring: Theory and Practice
  • ENG 321 Writing and Tutoring: Theory and Practice II
  • ENG 394 Critical Prose
  • ENG 395 Rhetoric and Memoir
  • ENG 422 African Literature
  • ENG 430 Literature of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars
  • ENG 525 Honors Seminar in English
  • SF 1127 The Vietnam and Iraq Wars
  • SF 1101 Hearts of Whiteness/Hearts of Darkness
  • SF 147 Liberation Movements at Home and Abroad