I. Kim Wang, PhD

Associate Professor, Strategy and International Business

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Trained as an engineer, educated to become a manager, and contributed to society as a scholar, Kim Wang has worked in and researched technology industries inside and out for the past twenty years. Her pursuit as a scholar is to explore why and when firms should innovate. Drawing on her Taiwanese roots, she tracks the tech scene across Pacific Asia, observing the market traction of emerging technology, and studying how mature firms deploy innovation competitively.


Recent Intellectual Contributions 

Wang, I. (2021). Innovation behind the frontier: strategies of technological laggards. International Journal of Technology Management, 86 (1), 1-24.

Qian, L., & Wang, I. (2020). Generational technology advancement and firm growth: A study of sales growth in the flat panel display industry. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 56, 101571.

Wang, I., Bendell, B. L., Kubo, R., & Leo, E. (2020). The interdependency of cash flow rights and voting rights on post-acquisition value. Asia Pacific Management Review. 25(3), 177-187.

Wang, I., & Seidle, R. (2020). Ambition in innovation: Vicarious learning in the nascent electric scooter market in Taiwan. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 152, 119886.

Celo, S., Nebus, J., Wang, I. (2018). The role of internal and external complexity in global factory performance: An NKC application. Journal of International Management, 24(1), 65-83.

Wang, I., Seidle, R. (2017). The degree of technological innovation: A demand heterogeneity perspective. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 125, 166-177.

Qian, L., Wang, I. (2017). Competition and innovation: The tango of the market and technology in the competitive landscape. Managerial and Decision Economics, 38(8), 1237-1247.

Wang, I. (2017). Technology deployment by late movers. International Journal of Innovation Management, 21(3), 24.

Lehrer, M., Banerjee, P. M., Wang, I. (2017). From temporal to multiplicative scaling in process-based technologies. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 117, 151–159.

Wang, I., Qian, L., Lehrer, M. (2017). From technology race to technology marathon: A behavioral explanation of technology advancement. European Management Journal, 35(2), 187-197.

Lehrer, M., Banerjee, P. M., Wang, I. (2016). The improvement trajectory of PCR DNA replication and ERP software as general purpose technologies: An exploratory study of “anchor technologies”. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 28(3), 290-304.

Celo, S., Nebus, J., Wang, I. (2015). MNC structure, complexity, and performance: Insights from NK methodology. Journal of International Management, 21(3), 182-199.

Wang, I., Yang, H.-S., Miller, D. (2015). Collaboration in the shadow of the technology frontier: Evidence from the flat panel display industry. Managerial Decision Economics, 36(7), 456-469.

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MBA710: World Class Clusters
MBA740: Travel Seminar (Singapore)
MBA760: World Class Strategies
MGSM833: Corporate Innovation

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  • PhD, MS, University of Illinois
  • MS, HEC School of Management
  • MS, Washington State University
  • BS, Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan