Yong Xue, PhD

Associate Professor, History, Language & Global Culture

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Yong Xue teaches Chinese history, Japanese history, and cultural contact in world history. His forthcoming article, "Treasure Nightsoil as if It Were God" - Economic and Ecological Links Between Urban and Rural Areas in Late Imperial Jiangnan, is expected to be published in Late Imperial China.

While revising another article, "Fertilizer Revolution" for publication, he completed his dissertation, "Agrarian Urbanization: Social and Economy Changes in Later Imperial Jiangnan from the Eleventh Century to the Twentieth Century."

He worked as a journalist and scholar in China and is currently a columnist and regular contributor for several major Chinese newspapers and magazines. His book, Zhihua zhishuo de zhengzhi (Politics as a Straight Talk), has been published by Guangxi Normal University Press.

For his works in Chinese media, a new magazine, Nanfang renwu zhoukan (Southern People Weekly), has selected him as one of 50 "public intellectuals" who influence China.


  • PhD, Yale University
  • MA, Yale University
  • BA, Peking University, Beijing
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  • HST-102 - History of Western Civilization II
  • HST-121 - World History I
  • HST-130 - Chinese Civilization in Movies
  • HST-149 - Empires & Globalization I
  • HST-150 - Empires & Globalization II
  • HST-250 - Martial Arts in Movies
  • HST-251 - Modern East Asia
  • HST-252 - The Rise of China
  • HST-347 - The Rise of China: Through Films, Media, and History
  • HST-510 - Independent Study
  • HST-530 - Senior Applied Learning Proj.
  • SF-1173 - Vast Sweep of Chinese Culture