Events & Programs

CTSE events and programs are available to all Suffolk University faculty, and they are always evolving to meet your needs.

Course Design Institutes (CDIs)

The CTSE offers three versions of the CDI: the Project-Based Learning CDI, the Online CDI, and the traditional face-to-face CDI. Gain the tools you need to develop, revise, or revitalize your courses.

Traditional CDI

This three-part intensive program is designed to provide you with the tools, time, and collegial support needed to really dig in and design or redesign your course. Upon completion, you will have created the basic structure of your course—including a draft syllabus, assignments, assessment tools, and course outline.

Online CDI

This four-week asynchronous program is recommended for faculty who are preparing to teach a fully or partially online course. Faculty who are interested in learning more about developing a technology-enhanced course or would like to incorporate some additional research-based teaching and learning strategies into an online or hybrid course are encouraged to attend.

Project-Based Learning CDI

This three-day intensive program is designed to offer you interactive, educational development sessions that scaffold the building of a 'gold standard' PBL project concentrating on team-building techniques and course goals and objectives.

Scholarly Writing Events

Scholarly Writing

The CTSE offers a range of resources on writing and publishing across disciplines to support the Suffolk University teacher-scholar. Along with our writing programming, we have several books on writing and publishing available from our lending library in our Center. 

Summer Online Writing Group

Scholarly productivity (i.e., writing and research) is an essential goal for many faculty and staff. However, scholarship can be difficult to prioritize when more immediate tasks call for our attention. The CTSE invites you to join an online writing group to help you build time into your week for writing. During online meetings, we will share goals, write for two hours, engage in a writing exchange, and troubleshoot challenges.