Programs and Services

The CTSE offers services to faculty, administrators, departments, units and schools in support of the University mission.


CTSE staff members are available for confidential consultations in the areas of teaching and learning, teaching with technology, and scholarship and productivity. If you would like to set up a one-on-one appointment, please email us.

Classroom Observations

CTSE staff members are available to conduct classroom observations for any faculty member or part-time lecturer.

During the classroom observation session, our staff member will take notes on instructional techniques, pacing, levels of student engagement, and any other components that may influence student learning.

After the observation is complete, we’ll debrief you on what we observed, including your strengths and potential areas for improvement. We also offer educational development for departments interested in learning peer observation techniques.

Midterm Feedback

CTSE consultants can help you analyze your teaching approach and help you identify strategies that positively impact student learning experiences.

Midterm feedback sessions provide an opportunity to collect anonymous feedback from students to help instructors identify what is working for student learning, as well as what changes students would recommend for improving their learning.

The following questions can be used to anonymously collect student feedback:

  • What helps your learning in this course?
  • What hinders your learning in this course?
  • What might you do personally to improve your learning in the course?

The student responses will be gathered into a confidential report. Once it’s ready, we’ll discuss the results with you and discuss ideas for improvement based on what they had to say. Research has shown that faculty members who conduct mid-course feedback and have a consultation raise their end-of-semester evaluations and improve learning.

Learn more about midterm feedback.

Curriculum Design/Redesign

The CTSE staff is available to assist your department in designing or redesigning your curriculum. If you would like to discuss the possibility of designing or redesigning your department's curriculum, please email us.

Lending Library

The CTSE’s collection of works on education provide faculty with thoughtful literature on the art and science of teaching—as well as rich book group discussion ideas.

Come by the center to look at our collection and sign out a book you would like to explore.

Please contact the CTSE by email or by phone at 617-573-8222 if you are interested in borrowing one of our books.