Teach with Technology

The CTSE supports and encourages the use of technology to achieve course objectives based on educational research and best practices. Our Learning Innovation with Technology (LIT) team provides faculty with the tools, instruction, and support needed to integrate teaching and learning technologies into their curriculum. We actively engage with faculty to identify and implement interactive technologies resulting in a richer learning experience for students, as well as provide strategies and ongoing support for faculty research and special initiatives.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Research: Respond to faculty needs and identify, test, and deliver new platforms, tools, and services that enhance pedagogy with the use of technology.
  • Communication and Outreach: Improve communication and outreach within the university regarding tools, platforms, support, and pedagogical implications.
  • Support and Training: Deliver one-on-one consultations, training, group workshops, online tutorials, and as-needed assistance to faculty
  • Tools: Provide necessary tools and equipment to faculty to support initiatives and ideas.


We are happy to assist you with Suffolk University academic technology in support of teaching and learning. For technical assistance, book an appointmentsend us an email, or give use a call at 617-557-2000. You will be directed to the next available person on our team.

We provide consultations with faculty and staff across the university. Consultations range from which technologies to use and how to best apply them in course design, to which technologies can be used to achieve a wider departmental goal or university initiative. Consultations typically include learning more about your course or project, creating a needs assessment, and developing an action plan to determine which technologies can best assist with your goals.

Also, we regularly conduct demonstrations and workshops of technologies currently offered by the university. These provide opportunities for faculty to learn about using digital tools and discuss the pedagogical implications of using technology in their courses. Additionally, we host demonstrations of third-party software and services, speakers from other educational institutions, webinars, and evaluative product demonstrations.

Lastly, we help plan and host special events that take place across campus, such annual technology symposiums, luncheons with guest speakers, and vendor demonstrations. If you are interested in bringing someone to campus or have an idea for an event that you think would be of interest to others, please let us know.

See our upcoming events calendar for more information.

We assist individuals in utilizing technology in both course creation and design. We also work with departments and programs to determine and employ technologies on a broader scale. Some of the tools and technologies used in online and hybrid courses include:

The CTSE will provide educational resources for the following academic software but not primary support.

Faculty, staff, and students can download the complete Microsoft Office 365 suite as well as Adobe Creative Cloud applications for free. In addition, by using the Suffolk Webstore, you can receive significant discounts on a variety of software programs, such as Qualtrics, NVivo, MATLAB, and more. More information and links to available software can be found on the Information Technology Services website.

The following is a list of academic software used at Suffolk.

Pilots are an important part of gathering data and evaluating a software or technology service. In the past, members of our team have run pilots with technologies and services such as:

If there is a new technology or service that you or a group are interested in, or if you would like to participate in an upcoming pilot, please contact us.