Book Proposal Group

The CTSE periodically offers a book proposal support group at faculty request. Do you find writing a book proposal mystifying and confusing? Do you want your peers' feedback on your proposal?

CTSE Book Proposal Support Group welcomes first-time and experienced book writers to exchange book proposal drafts and to offer feedback during the drafting process.

Who should attend?

First-time and experienced book writers. You do not need to have a complete book manuscript to write a book proposal.

What kinds of books?

Single-authored and co-authored books; edited books; academic and trade books.

How much is the time commitment?

This group meets about once per month to set goals and check in with group members.

Is it a permanent group?

Group members can join and leave at any time. Even if the book proposal is sent and accepted by a publisher, group members can remain in the group to read over others' proposals.

Why should I join?

Book editors are intelligent, well-read people who may not be your subject specialists. Your peers from other disciplines are able to give you an outsider's perspective. Also, writing a proposal, more so than writing, is a lonely process; sharing it in a group keeps you interested and motivated.

Please contact us if you are interested in the CTSE book proposal group.